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Tips on How to Install Aircon in New BTO

An Aircon system can be a great appliance if installed properly to your BTo. Most people in Singapore are familiar with its functionality since many homes have this appliance. Modern Aircon systems offer a high degree of energy efficiency. Anyway, the fact is that it must be installed correctly to get the most out of the device. Without a doubt, you should work with a professional to install this system. However, this can help if you know the process. Do the right job, and you can add years of life to a new Aircon system. Clean the installation, and you will get reduced energy efficiency, inefficient cooling or home heating, and an unhappy family.

Tips on how to install aircon in new BTO

A poorly repaired system not only offers real benefits but can also damage the system. If you are qualified to install your Aircon system, here are some tips you can consider to ensure that the whole process is smooth and that you enjoy the benefits of a precisely installed Aircon system. Here are some tips for installing an air conditioner in the new BTO that you should know about.

Focus on the duct network

One of the primary sources of inefficiency in an Aircon system is the ductwork. As a result, it is essential that you pay proper attention to the ducts. Remember that you must also use air conditioning support systems to ensure that the pipes are not affected by pressure or heat. Support systems will also facilitate the long-term administration of the conduits. After all, tubes allow air to circulate easily. In addition to the pipes, you should also consider the vents. In the case of wall or ceiling vents, you must ensure that they are located in the appropriate places. In the case of floor vents, make sure objects such as furniture do not block them.

Position the fan coil unit correctly

The fan coil unit is one of the main considerations when installing an Aircon system. It must be placed in the right place to simplify the installation of conduits and wiring. In general, the attic or roof is preferred for installation of the unit. The basement is another suitable option. A support system for the fan coil must also be installed.

It can be a simple platform. However, it must match the dimensions of the fan coil unit. If you plan to hang the fan coil, you should pay attention to the threaded rods used. You should always opt for 1/4 inch threaded rods. Also, make sure that the threaded road never connects directly to the aircon fan coil. It’s not necessary to connect the unit to your platform. The Aircon’s weight is enough to keep it in position. However, you must make sure there is enough space for the service.

Connect the plenum ring

The dispensing chamber ring should be located a few centimeters below the bottom of the unit. Keep this in mind when making connections. Therefore, you may need to move the AC unit first to join the camera ring. Make sure the plenum ring gasket is attached to the unit cabinet before placing the dispensing chamber ring.

Condensate drain and coolant lines

After the ring of the distribution chamber has been connected, it can pass to the condensate drain. It can be easily attached by following the instructions provided with it. However, you must know the local building codes before doing so. After that, you can work to join the refrigerant lines. It will join the outdoor AC unit to the fan coil unit indoors. The manufacturer's instructions for installation must be followed.

There are other components that you need to install; Conduit plenum, feed tube, feed tube, acoustic attenuation tube and Terminator outlets. Installing these components can be a relatively complex procedure. Professional help is recommended to install them. However, you must ensure that proper support systems are used for the pipe and other similar components.

Do not install the units used.

Not all, but many real estate investors are known to install used units. The apparent reason behind this is that these units have a relatively lower cost compared to the new aircon units. However, the problems that are later caused by these units are so much that you end up paying more than you could have saved by buying used units. This is not even worth thinking about since the consequences are bad.

Repair units of adequate size

If you are faced with a dilemma when deciding on the size of the unit to install, you need to go for the more extensive Aircon system instead of opting for a smaller one. A small aircon system will cause more headaches. You will not want the unit to lose its ability to cool the home or office building below a temperature that is not relaxing enough.

Ensure good insulation

Even if your contractor is using a new unit and installing an appropriately sized system in your home or workplace, you may encounter problems such as minor cooling until your property is isolated. When mounted with precision, insulation allows your unit to reach the desired temperature and, ultimately, helps you save on your electricity bills.

Do not neglect maintenance.

Your work does not end once you have selected and installed a correct HVAC in Palm Springs. Be sure to perform regular inspections and maintenance. Change your air filters every month as dirty filters limit the operation of the system and increase energy costs. Not only that, but dirty filters are also responsible for damaging your system. On the contrary, routine care improves the efficiency of the system, making it more sustainable.


Do not neglect the importance of the support system in the installation of an Aircon system. If the support system fails, it can damage your unit and lead to costly repairs and replacements. Always obtain the components of your support system from a reputable manufacturer. You can also read some information online on how to install aircon in new BTO.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Why is it That You Will Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is essential for its appropriate functioning. Many of the companies are providing different packages according to your pocket size. In case you have air conditioning installed in your building then you need to make sure that regular air conditioning maintenance is conducted.

There are plenty of main reasons why regular air conditioning maintenance is essential before it’s undertaken you must be sure that your air conditioning engineer is fully qualified and will provide you with all the correct paperwork to prove that the system is fit for use.

In public like offices, it is important to know what the regulations surrounding safe practices are and exactly how often maintenance checks on all the parts in the building should be carried out to make sure that health and safety rules are being followed.

Once you have employed the assistance of a qualified air conditioning maintenance engineer, they will be able to undertake regular checks and provide you the appropriate paperwork to demonstrate that your checks are undertaken correctly.

One of the main reasons that safety checks and maintenance ought to be carried out is to maintain your air conditioning system in the best condition. When the system is regularly maintained and potential issues will be flagged up and parts replaced before the system stops working which saves both cash and time.

Regular maintenance does mean there's less deterioration of mechanical parts as smooth running puts less pressure on the components throughout the air conditioning system, which will mean that the device will last longer.

Keeping your air conditioning system in good shape may also signify that it will work more effectively and make use of less energy and that is another factor which will conserve your funds.
The reason why everybody is now choosing air conditioning over conventional heating is simply that it tends to be more energy efficient. This is because it's more effective to keep a building at a constant temperature than to be constantly heating up and cooling down a building.

However, if your air conditioning is not fully maintained this will detract from energy benefits you can get from the lack of conventional heating.

If you haven't yet had air conditioning installed then consults with your air conditioning company regarding the best kind of air conditioning for the building. An engineer should be able to give you advice regarding the sort of air conditioning that can work most efficiently and hopefully consume less energy and save you money in running costs.

Air conditioning in offices will also help to prevent sick building syndrome, which can often be brought on by stale air building up within a space. If you fit air conditioning you can even opt to have air conditioning filters fitted that'll clean and purify air coming into your building and take away stale air too, to ensure that air is continually being replaced, preventing the spread of germs along with generally making your staff feel healthier.

Sick building syndrome has been the cause of a large proportion of time taken off work so fitting an air filter in your building can save you money as hopefully, you'll have fewer instances of sickness and staff will feel happier, healthier and more productive in their environment. Ensuring your work environment is as pleasant and uncomplicated to use as possible is one method to enhance the happiness of your staff which in turn means that staff is more efficient and even more productive.

Caring for Your Air Conditioning Singapore off Season Tips and Tricks

While Singapore residents rely on their air conditioning during the summer, there will be times of the year when the system is used far less frequently, if it is used at all. Although it is very easy to forget about your air con during the offseason, it is the ideal time for servicing or making repairs. Here are just some tips and tricks to care for your system in the offseason.

Make Seasonal Repairs:
If you have noticed that your air conditioner is not performing as well as it used to, you are likely to see your energy bills increasing. The longer you delay having any underlying issues corrected, the worse a problem will get. For example, if the motor belt on your indoor unit has developed a problem, you may notice that it starts to make screeching noises. Although this appears to be a minor inconvenience the unit has to work harder to cool the room. Additionally, at some point, the belt will be completely compromised, and it will trigger a breakdown issue.

Seal Any Air Leaks:

Air leaks can be a common problem in older homes, but any home can be vulnerable. Small gaps and holes around the doors and windows can add up to a great deal of wasted energy as cooled air is lost. This not only impacts the efficiency of air conditioning systems, but it can place a strain on the system and decrease your comfort level. Many HVAC professionals can assist you with a home energy audit to reveal any leaks.

Learn About Your Thermostat:
Many homeowners don't understand the full potential of their thermostat with any knowledge of all the features and functions. Considering that the vast majority of our energy bills relate to heating and cooling, it is a good idea to learn about your thermostat to improve efficiency. During the off-season, it is the ideal time to have a read through the manual and try out some features. If your thermostat lacks some of the more innovative features, it could also be the perfect time for an upgrade. You could install a smart thermostat so you can have complete control of your settings, even if you are not at home.

Schedule Annual Maintenance:
Finally, the offseason is the best time to schedule your annual service. The technician can inspect your system to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency.

If you are concerned about the efficiency and performance of your air con, Singapore property owners should contact us. Gas Air is air conditioning specialists and our team of technicians would be happy to answer your questions or queries. Air conditioning maintenance needs a proper check of the key components. So by following the instructions or guidelines, anyone can easily maintain the air conditioner and if fail to do so than he/she can go for the maintenance packages provided by the many of the companies.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Determinants of Aircon Servicing

How would you know when to do aircon servicing? What is the perfect time for that? The choice to service your AIRCON system generally does not take place if you may wish to design it. If the system has recently caused inconvenience, it may be your reputation to get a repair, and the most punctual would be your best bet. Never commit yourself, so that the system is not neglected and you are content with a hasty decision. Careful thinking about the lifetime of the system should allow you to make a suitable and practical choice.

To promote your basic judgment with regards to when to do aircon servicing, some variables may prove useful, such as:

The electricity bills are getting bigger and bigger
Rising electricity bills say a lot about the waste of the system. If the aircon systems have caused problems, the workmanship will undoubtedly drop and the impact is typically felt in the expanding bills. If there are sudden variations in electricity bills, the problem can undoubtedly be traced to your air conditioning system, which requires maintenance, repairs or a complete replacement.

The appliance is old
Every article has its lifetime and AIRCON devices are the same. Depending on the conditions in the neighborhood, the lifetime may shift, but for the ventilation system, it is usually between 8 and 15 years. For heaters and evaporators, it takes about 15 to 20 years. Old appliances are usually just a notable repair far away from the landfill. Regardless, obtaining service for the device can be a costly experience because the items in the store are no longer accessible. If outdated devices cost you more, time to replace them already!

The unit breaks down often
Separated or terminated disappointment is a big problem. Any device that regularly breaks down or causes a visit can require costly repairs for it to work properly. A better alternative is put into another unit. The repairs can extend the life of the unit for a little more, but with something completely new, you have the opportunity to eliminate problems in the long run forever.

The house is no longer comfortable
The AIRCON system should add comfort to your domestic condition. If the system was reversed, substitution is required. There could be several reasons for his diminished work. The lack of maintenance services can be the source of the problem, and the master server can solve the problems, but if that does not work, replacing the system would become very basic.

The device generates noise and smell

If a device causes your AIRCON to produce unusual noises or smells, this is an indication of inconvenience and parts of the device may not function properly. For example, there could be spillage or cable usage. Getting a quick assessment could be the right way to prevent circumstances from evolving to dangerous levels and taking appropriate action to avoid inconvenience

What you need to remember when it comes to aircon service

Ideal efficiency will save you money after some time
Dithering to replacement ventilation and cooling system that will never run again is like abolishing the opportunity to save money. To be honest, it's far worse, it costs you more to keep it going.

How do you know if your ventilation system is wasteful? An enormous guidepost is when your vitality costs creep up while your comfort level falls. You know that something is really wrong if you just do not get the cool state you pay for.

Today's units bring greater savings
The most prominent private ventilation system can reduce vitality by up to 50% while providing ideal cooling. The older your cooling system is, the more remarkable your Vital Reserve funds can be when changing.

The company's current cooling decisions include heating and cooling systems that give you the most extreme temperature and vitality maintenance control. With electronic boards, rooms and entire zones can be easily integrated or rejected. Programmable planning gives cool comfort when and where you need it and saves significantly more vitality and money.

Repairs after some time can cost more than replacement
If your current ventilation and the cooling unit requires service calls, the costs do not need to be considered. In fact, even a few repairs every year can bring a scratch to the general workload plan. Proficient substitution reduces vitality and cost while delivering remarkable sans repair work time.

Selection of the best replacement aircon system

It is important that you have the right limits regarding the needs of your structure. Choosing a unit that is just as high will ruin it with moisture control. If you choose both lower and upper limits, you'll sweat as temperatures rise.

In addition to selecting the right ventilation unit for your needs, it must be installed in the best environment, with the right type, the right level of protection and professional ventilation.

Points of interest ahead of schedule
Preparing to change your ventilation and cooling system will give you plenty of time to think about the majority of available options based on an exhaustive evaluation of your current system. It is best not to choose a substitution unit after you have either totally bombed or breathed your last breath and cannot work satisfactorily to maintain the interest in cool air.

The main reason why you need to replace or repair your old unit is to increase the efficiency. Do you know that you can cut your electricity bill by no less than 30% as you increase your efficiency? If you do not frequently service or use your aircon g unit when it is faulty, it will consume more power and increase your energy bills. In this way, when you need to cut off your utility bills, make sure that you frequently maintain the device to influence it for it to be productive.

The best way to find out the right time to service your unit is to check how often the unit breaks down. Once it is consistently separated, I strongly trust that it is the right time to replace it with another entity. You can hut repair it save some cash instead of what you could have spent on acquiring the new one.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Some Of The Reason Why You Should Service Your Aircon Unit

Do you have an aircon in your home? Do you enjoy having your aircon to help you to chill on incredibly hot days? Is your aircon unit cooling the air, as well as helping to purify it in the ways as you could expect?

Aircon provides a great number of benefits, particularly to those that live in contaminated and hot atmospheres. Not exclusively is air conditioning an awesome service to have, yet it is additionally incredibly affordable, alongside the greater part of its other great benefits! However, if you have an aircon, it is extremely important that you have regular air con servicing.

Why aircon servicing

The aircon, just like many other machines and accessories, should be maintained and serviced on a regular basis since it is the main way they can work at their pinnacle. Many people overlook this truth yet, unfortunately, they end up paying the consequences. Many people are tricked by the way that these cooling systems can keep running for long and in the process, they deny them regular checkups, repairs, and maintenance. Here is a portion of the reason why you should service your air conditioner regularly if possible.

1. Prevent the development of problems

Your aircon unit might be working perfectly, and you can find no problems with anything yet some way you are not getting that type of cool air that you got the previous year. By reaching out, someone with plenty of experience will look under every rock, and it could end up being your ducts that were the problem. This is why making sure to get in touch with a servicing company, can guarantee that everything that can possibly go wrong with an aircon, is thoroughly checked.
Remember that prevention is much greater than cure; you will need to guarantee that if there are any defaults with your heating and ventilation system that you get them looked at as soon as possible, otherwise it might turn out to the costly mistake and consume time and money sometime later.

2. To get the best from it.

Regular air con servicing will enable you to ensure that you are getting the best air. Without regular maintenance, an aircon with every year loses around 5% of its efficiency. This implies you are paying extra on your energy charges every single month. Studies have proven that with yearly tune-ups, air con units will maintain up to 95% of its operating efficiency throughout the years.
In addition, regular servicing will shield you from paying tremendous repair bills. Dealing with your unit on a routine basis implies that it will be less inclined to break down exactly when you require it the most.

3. Stop Potentially Damage expenses before they occur
the real danger is waiting too long to have your air conditioning system serviced. Many individuals don't consider bringing somebody in unless there is something turning out badly with their aircon system, however by then it is far too late. If you hold up until the point that something is in reality wrong with the system, you resign yourself to suffering through hours if not days without a practical air conditioning system.

Why put yourself through that? You can maintain a strategic distance from many of the major problems that surface with air conditioning systems just by having the system maintenance before you really require it.

Remember, the greatest danger is waiting too long to bring in an air conditioning specialist. They are there for preventative measures, not simply to settle a crisis when it arises.
Regardless of the possibility that you don't overuse your aircon, the parts inside are working hard and can break down. Frequently, it is a little part that goes first. For instance, a fan edge, fan belt or electrical wire will wear down and cause problems.

These are little fixes to make. However, if you let them go, they can make major damages your aircon. What might have been a $30 fix now requires an entire, several thousand dollars, replacement or fix? Having a pro review and service your aircon will enable you to get these problems and fix them before they ruin your aircon.

4. Keep Your Aircon Working well for Longer

Aircons normally get affected by just a few problems which can be well taken care of; the gadget will last for long and spare you from unnecessary stress. Among the main problems, you will have to deal with includes issues to do with the refrigerant leaking which even though it looks like a small challenge, does not have to be overlooked. If you are using an older variant of aircon, especially the ones that use coolant, you need to be aware that it requires being handled well since it is detrimental to the ozone layer. The only way to make sure that the coolant is handled professionally is by making time to have the aircon serviced on a scheduled basis. Doing this helps you to detect defaults early before they become worse and cost you more funds.

5. To lower the maintenance cost
the magnificence of keeping up your cooling system is that it limits superior to anything it would without support. You will truly get cooler, fresher air from a system that has been legitimately kept up finished the years. Your system will pump harder and work all the more capable, helping you ration costs required to cool your home.

A more successful system will take less vitality while conveying more air. You won't have to run your system as hard which will safeguard it better after some time. This subsequently suggests you presumably won't have to supplant or repair the system as regularly as you would some way or another need to supplant or repair it.

So what are you waiting for? If you need to perceive your aircon working for many years to come, then make sure that you get it regularly serviced by a heating and cooling pro in your area. If you want the cleanest air as possible and want to remain solid, this is the best conceivable alternative to ensure you remain along these lines.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Aircon Servicing In Singapore

There is nothing that does feels better than walking into a cool room that is air conditioned after being out in the hot sun. The warm sunshine in Singapore that lasts throughout the year has necessitated air conditioners (aircon) for virtually every family. Your aircon needs regular servicing in case you always want to kick back and relax as you cool off especially during the hot and humid times around the middle of the year. Below is what you may need to know about aircon servicing and how to get it done safely.

Why Service Your Aircon 

You may often think that aircon servicing is not a priority and so ignore it until it starts acting up. You may never know how important it is until you feel the pinch of the consequences. The reasons why you need to service your aircon regularly include the following

- To maintain the optimal performance of the aircon ensuring you are always comfortable despite the weather 
- Avoid high energy bills as a dysfunctional aircon uses up too much energy which is costly to you 
- To avoid breakdowns that will leave you exposed to the harsh weather until repairs come through 
- To increase your unit’s lifespan as wear and tear is minimised during servicing 
- Avoid problems like leakages that may mess up your ceiling that is adjacent to the aircon 

As shown, it is far much better to get the system serviced than wait for that fateful day when it starts to cause you problems. It may seem costly at first sight, but the costs incurred in the long run are way less than the expenditure for serious repairs and even replacement of the unit. So go ahead and think about servicing that will ensure your home stays in one season all year round.

Signs That Your Aircon Needs Servicing 

It is necessary to have regular servicing that may be quarterly or bi-monthly in case you use your aircon unit frequently. However, there are several signs to look out that literally pronounce to you that you need servicing as soon as possible. Watch out for the following:

- Excessive strange noises from your aircon means the compressor is dirty and thus produces excessive vibrations 
- When there is a reduced airflow from the vents way below average levels 
- When the aircon runs continuously despite it having an energy saving mode that makes it turn on and off automatically 
- When the air is not cooled as efficiently as before 
- When it turns on and off very frequently, the unit is not functioning properly 
- When you notice any leaks from the unit for instance on the ceiling adjacent to it 

In case you do notice any of the above signs, know that the unit needs to be serviced and so go ahead and book an appointment. The signs may be isolated in some cases, but often they may set in together. It happens gradually and may take some time to realise but when you do, act on it before it gets worse.

The Services Required 

Maintenance of your aircon is, therefore, a very critical for the sake of continued comfort in your home or office. The maintenance includes a range of service, some of which you do on your own while others need a professional.

After a few weeks, you can check your unit and do some basic things for instance

- Cleaning of the outer covering of the unit 
- Cleaning of the filters of the aircon 

The other services will need a professional technician to give your unit a check up and fix whatever issues that may be developing. The services include;

- Cleaning of the unit 
- Cleaning of the air filters 
- Water tray and fan coil cleaning 
- Drainage pipe cleaning 
- Checking the compressor and the aircon air circulation function 
- Replenishment of the refrigerant gas and checking for any leakages 

Together with several other services that are covered under the servicing fee, this services will ensure you are good to go. The technician may also deal with any problems that you may have noticed with the unit for example

- Leakage of water 
- Production of unusual noises 
- Decreased efficiency, for instance, taking a long time to cool the air 

As stated earlier, they will be covered under the servicing fee, but the technician will inform you in the case of charges for additional repairs.

Getting a Good Aircon Servicing Company 

With many people offering air conditioners servicing in Singapore, it may be hard to choose who exactly will best service your unit. Here are the qualities to look out for before you select the company:

1.Reputation- Companies that deliver results and have a reputation will often be a perfect choice and therefore look out for references

2.Customer service- The company needs to be one that responds to your needs through customer care when you need them for instance through calls when your aircon starts acting up

3.Affordability- They should be able to match their prices with the quality of work and so avoid too expensive or too cheap services

4.Method of servicing- Find out if they use chemicals or not and how they handle everything from the refrigerant gas to parts of your unit so that both the unit and you are safe

5.Warranty- It may be good to find someone who offers warranty for some period after servicing so that they sort any issue that comes up

6.Training- The technicians need to be well trained and qualified to handle your unit
After settling on the right company, you can opt for yearly contracts that allow your aircon to get serviced regularly without having to book an appointment. The company will be able to deal with any problems you face with your unit as agreed upon in the contract.


Getting to enjoy clean, cool air in your room constantly needs regular aircon servicing. Several signs may give you a hint that the unit needs servicing and it’s time to hunt for the right company that will deliver results. The wide range of services offered does cover every aspect of your unit to ensure it even outlives its lifespan that is often five years with most units. Take action today and ensure your aircon serves you best throughout the year.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Finding The Best Aircon Services In Singapore

When it comes to air conditioner repair and servicing in Singapore, it is always recommended to get an expert professional to help you do it. It is because a ventilation system unit is more mind boggling than what you might suspect it might be. In your aircon unit, there are refrigerant gasses, compressors, fans, blades, loops, electrical starters, indoor regulators, etc. Sometimes there are just too many things for you to know it all.

Below are among of the services that an air conditioner servicing professional in Singapore can help you in:

1. Replace or repair your air conditioning unit
If your unit is too old, it makes more sense for you to replace it with a new, energy saving, and high efficiency unit. You need to replace your unit especially when your old unit is worn out and inefficient. You can also repair your existing unit and it may seem to be the least expensive option, however, it does cost more in the long run. My advice is that if your unit is already old and worn out, paying for repairs on it may only delay the need to replace it with a new one. By making the decision to replace it now, you can now install a new and energy-efficient system which will prove to be much more cost effective.

2. Installing an evaporative cooler
If you live in a hot and dry region, an evaporate cooler may be a good alternative for you. As evaporative cooler use less energy than standard air conditioner units, you can be able to switch it on more often without the worry of getting an expensive air conditioner bill every month. You should check with your local air conditioner experts and ask them whether evaporative cooler is suitable for your home.

3. Sizing your air conditioning unit.
A bigger unit does not necessary means it is better than other smaller units. Oversized units can be less effective at dehumidifying your home. An oversized unit also cycles on and off more often, which will result in quicker wear and tear. This will in turn shorten its service life, increase the frequency of repairs, and reduce efficiency, hence spending more money. Moreover, it costs more to purchase a larger unit. Therefore, it is always good to ask for advice from a professional before any purchase.

These are just a few examples of what advice and information an aircon professional can offer to you. A professional is always needed when dealing with complex air conditioning issues such as installation and design work. Therefore, hire smartly and save yourself some troubles from now on.

Finding An Air Conditioning Professional In Singapore - Things To Remember

The advent of technology has proved to be a blessing for human civilization. It's the technology that has made it possible for us to relax even in the hot climate of Singapore by providing us air-conditioners

However, all the technology based equipment require some maintenance and servicing in order to keep working efficiently over the due course of time. Air Conditioners require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure their efficient working. Providing these maintenance services is not possible for every individual as it requires proper training and special tools to do so. Hence we require professionals to do this task.

Fortunately for us, these professionals are available quite easily these days but we should, however, be careful about the quality of the work offered before hiring any one. Following are some points that may help you to get the best professional contractor for maintenance servicing of your air-conditioners.

Things to ensure before hiring an air conditioning servicing professional in Singapore.

1. Market Research
Whenever you think about getting a professional contractor in Singapore for the servicing of your air-conditioner or any device as such, the excellent way to go about it is to start with an extended market research. You should talk to your neighbors to know about their experiences with different contractors in your locality and should try and talk to maximum people that have had an experience with these contractors in the past. Take all the feedback into consideration before finalizing a contractor.

2. Qualification & Certification
To ensure the quality and standards you should always ask about the qualification of the contractor you shortlist. You should also inquire if the contractor you have is a government certified and an authorized professional. This way you will be ensured that you are giving the work to a capable professional and are being charged genuine and are not being robbed by some untrained professional.

3. Experience
Hiring an experienced professional is always an asset to any project. You can ask the contractor to show you his past work and based on that you can identify the kind of experience he has and the style of his working. The more experienced contractor you choose more value you will get for your money.

4. Availability
Your air conditioning unit might break down at any time of the day and during any day of the week. You should hire a professional that is quickly available and can deal with the situation, thereby saving you time and discomfort. For this you should ideally hire some professional contractor that is close to your neighborhood and can act promptly to any situation and is available on all days of the week and any hour of the day.

If you take care of all the above things then you offer yourself with a highly efficient professional contractor who will provide great value services for your money and will save you from all the discomforts of the hotness in Singapore and will prolong the life of your air-conditioners.


Just ensure that before you hire any company you do look into their reputation. While there are some great companies you can get what can provide you with quality air conditioner services, you will note that others will have some red flags. By taking your time to understand what you can expect, you do decrease the probability of having problems with the company you choose and instead, you will have a chance to move forward and enjoy the time you can spend with your family in a properly cooled home.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Choosing The Right Aircon For HDB

Aircons are probably one the most indispensable appliances in the modern world today. With global warming on the rise, choosing the most appropriate aircon for your home becomes more of a priority than a luxury - especially when you’re in Singapore. The climate here is very erratic and to add to that there are no distinct seasons making it harder to predict the type of cooling required. To address this issue, we’ve come with a deep, part of by part buying guide to help you make the right choices. Without picking into brands and models, we’re going to dissect into the components and focus more on the functionality.

Choosing a good aircon always boils down to two major points: 

Cooling requirements - Generally addressing the area and the working conditions.
Power Consumption - Calculating and dealing with your energy savings and expenditure.

Let’s analyze these two core points one by one now. Here’s everything you need to know while choosing the right aircon for your HDB:

Getting To Know Different Variants

Before you zero in on a particular type of an aircon, it’s better to have a background of what's on offer in the market. Each system offers unique advantages over others that fit various specific needs to a greater or lesser extent.

The most commonly used air conditioning systems today can be grouped into two basic categories:

Direct Download: Usually found in the split or window forms, these aircons are ideal for all kinds of applications. It also has the ability to cool the environment pretty quickly. A notable product in this line would be the Carrier five stages split type filtering aircon. This system improves air quality around you by disposing particles of mold, mites and other allergens. In other news, the firm also launched the Split team Xpower with an additional Inverter which saves up to 40% energy without having any harmful impacts on the ozone layer.

Air conditioning Ducts: When pre planned, aircon ducts can be supplied to every unit of the apartment by laying out duct injections and return grilles in different locations. This allows an even distribution of air in all environments, greater energy savings and an optimal use of space since the grids are generally hidden in the ceiling. As for the calculation pertaining to heat requirements, it is advisable to use a thermal balance. If you use a thermal balance then you can know the effectiveness of this and you would be satisfied at the effectiveness of a thermal balance.

In any case, you can make an estimate of kilocalories required for an environment with a simple multiplication:

Volume of Environment (height x width x length) x 55 (standard coefficient for moderately hot environments) = number of kilocalories required

Power And Energy Efficiency 

It is important to know what your device will consume depending on your needs. More importantly, you’d want the device to turn off once the optimal temperature is achieved.

The power of the equipment is determined by the square footage of the room. For example, for a room of 30m2 we need an apparatus of about 3,48W / h 4,65W / h respectively. To know the consumption of the appliance, look into energy efficiency labelling of the model.

Now, when you’re out shopping for your device, you’d obviously want to choose a system that is efficient. After all, you’re going to save on electricity bills, and contribute positively to the environment.

To calculate consumption of the appliance, you have to divide the power rating of your device by the SEER code (to produce cold air) or the SCOP (to produce hot air) - depending upon the requirements.

Calculate approximately 100 to 140 kilocalories per m2, depending on whether your house is more or less protected from the cold and heat. For example, in a room of 20 m2 facing south, located in a region where temperatures often exceed 30 degrees, try calculating 140 kilocalories per m2. The result would be 3250W or 2800 FR.

Tips For Optimal Operation And Care

Once you’ve decided on your brand and model, getting it installed wouldn’t be a problem. The care you take while operating and maintaining it would go a long way in ensuring a long shell life for your aircon. Here are some tips on getting the best out of any device:

Remember, during the evenings you don't really require the same level of cooling. Take a stab at turning your AC down amid your rest hours or a hour or two preceding bed.

The cellar is generally the coolest room in the home, so it would make sense to shut down all the vents in the lower part of your home. The cool air will lurk down there actually and by shutting those vents, you're driving all the air up top.

Always keep your ducts in check. By constantly keeping in check with the vents and protecting them, you can be sure that the air coming in is as cool as it can be. Paying for half cool air isn't anybody's concept of cash well spent!

Place your furniture with adequate gaps for better cooling effects. Furniture that hinders aerating and cooling vents implies you could cool the back of a seat or the base side of your couch and despite running your aircon at highest cooling settings. It’s okay to revamp things once in a while.

Don’t ever leave your aircon on when you’re away - this is a common habit that burns many pockets around the world. The least you could do is to ensure the windows and curtains are shut. In spite of the fact that it will be hot for a couple of minutes when you return home, the blinds will keep out the sun out, so all that cooling at least won’t be for nothing.


If you’re not really sure about what you’re doing, it's always better to consult an expert and invite them over to your place for a survey. They take into account all the variables that contribute to a suitable cooling temperature and suggest the best equipment according to the area and habits of use. Also, do a good research online. Setting up an aircon system at your place is a big step - and it's expensive. Make sure that you make it count.