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Tips For Aircon Trunk Cleaning

Clean air conditioning trunk is necessary to get the best out of your unit, especially during warm summer months. Clean aircon trunk also means there is less dust in the air - dust that can trigger or worsen allergy symptoms and asthma. Most air conditioning trunks are made with aluminum. They are designed to prevent particle buildup but there are problem areas around vents and filters. These parts need to be cleaned on a regular basis, especially when you have pets or if there is a smoker in the family.

Some of the problems, which are caused by dust and dirt to the aircon trunk, are described in this article along with the safety measures, which could help you in resolving these problems. You can save a large amount of money with the help of the following information.

Long Working of the Unit:
Nobody would like to pay the extra money because of no reasons, but the excessive dirt in an aircon always results in the increment of the electricity bill as it forces the unit to work much longer than its regular use. As the air flow gets clogged due to the layer of dust particles the unit takes much more time to cool down the temperature which results in the increased electricity bills and increased expenses.

Less Cooling Comfort:
The conditioned cool air flows through the air filters of the unit, but when the dirt and dust particles block the flow of air through these air filters, the cooling capacity of the unit gets reduced. It is not possible to hold a dust cleaning session daily, but you should keep your aircon trunk clean as much as possible and provide a timely scheduled trunk cleaning session from the aircon repair to keep your unit bug-free.

Ice Formation:
Another issue, which is caused due to the gathering of excessive debris in an air conditioner trunk unit, is the ice formation on its evaporator coils. When the flow of conditioned air gets slowed down by the thick dusty layer, then the evaporator coils becomes too cold and the air starts to condense and then freezes. This problem can easily be resolved. The only thing you are required to do is first, turn your aircon off and second, switch on the fan of your unit.

Here are the things you'll need when cleaning your air conditioning trunk:

• Five star mild acid cleaner.
• A wet/dry vacuum cleaner.
• A Phillips head screwdriver.

• Begin your trunk cleaning task by switching off your air conditioning unit. You can shut your unit down via the thermostat control or the breaker box.

• Next, using a spray bottle, apply a mild acid cleaner to the air conditioner coil. Use gloves and eye protection when applying the acid. Scrub off the dirt and dust using a small wire brush. Dust and dirt collect at corroded coils and get sent through the trunk system. Keeping your air conditioner coils clean helps your unit work properly and keeps the trunk stay clean. Rinse the coil thoroughly with water to take out the acid.

• Remove all vent covers in the house using a screwdriver. Soak them in warm bleach for a few minutes to loosen dirt and dust that got stuck on them.

• Buildups like dirt, hair and dust tend to collect close to the vent openings over time as air blows through the trunk. From the vent openings, reach as far into the trunk as possible with the help of a wet/dry vacuum hose. The flexible vacuum hose lets you get most of the buildup in the trunk.

• Wet a sponge with warm, soapy water and scour all surfaces that you can reach through the vent opening to remove any remaining dust, pet hair or dander. Floor-vent areas can get really dirty so you might want to consider letting them soak in the soap for a few minutes. Do not forget to scrub the vent covers as well and let them soak for a few minutes.

• Add a table spoon of liquid antibacterial soap to the already soaking vent covers and scrub using a sponge. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Reattach each cover to their respective vents.

• Replace your old air conditioner filter with a new one. It is a very cost efficient way to help keep you air conditioning trunk clean all year long. Replace the filter cover and switch you air conditioning unit back on.

Causing several errors because of the dust particles present in the air is a common thing for the owners of the aircon. But remember that this small issue can cause many problems in your unit. It is not possible to keep an air conditioner dirt-less for always as it used the atmospheric air to cool down the temperature and during this cooling process, dust particles, present in the air, enter into the unit and start forming a thick layer. This is a small issue which is required to be resolved soon with the help of an aircon trunk expert near you..

If the general condition and air odor do not improve, it is a suggestion that you should call an AC cleaning company to get your aircon trunk thoroughly cleaned. Apart from getting rid of the unwanted mold growth in the aircon trunk, an aircon trunk cleaning regimen will also help you terminate any type of insect growth, dust and debris and any other type of infestation. In several cases where inmates smoke tobacco or have pets, air trunk cleaning also helps in purifying the air quality.

Since it is natural for pets to shed hair, this shed hair is drawn to the AC system that not only causes breathing trouble but by accumulating in the fins of the coils hampers the efficiency of the system.
A clean aircon system will run more efficiently as it will naturally produce more pressure at a lesser time to cool your home. This will mean more savings on electricity bills. Moreover, a clean blower will run cooler with a lesser risk of breakdown, again adding to energy savings.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Tips For Taking Care of Air Condition in Singapore

While Singapore residents rely on their air conditioner, there will be times of the year when the system is used far less frequently, if it is used at all. Although it is very easy to forget about your air con during the off season, it is actually the ideal time for servicing or making repairs.

Tips and tricks to care for your aircon gas system.

Make Seasonal Repairs:
If you have noticed that your air conditioner is not performing as well as it used to, you are likely to see your energy bills increasing. The longer you delay having any underlying issues corrected, the worse a problem will get. For example, if the motor belt on your indoor unit has developed a problem, you may notice that it starts to make screeching noises. Although this appears to be a minor inconvenience the unit is actually having to work harder to cool the room. Additionally, at some point, the belt will be completely compromised, and it will trigger a breakdown issue.

Seal Any Air Leaks:
Air leaks can be a common problem in older homes, but any home can be vulnerable. Small spaces and holes around doors and windows can add a lot of wasted energy when cold air is lost. This not only affects the efficiency of the air conditioning systems but can also put pressure on the system and lower its comfort level. Many HVAC professionals can help you with a home energy audit to detect leaks.

Learn About Your Thermostat:
Many homeowners don't understand the full potential of their thermostat with no knowledge of all the features and functions. Since the vast majority of our energy bills are for heating and cooling, it's a good idea to know your thermostat to make it more efficient. During the off-season, this is the perfect time to read the manual and try some features. If your thermostat does not have the most innovative features, it could also be the perfect time for an upgrade. You could install a smart thermostat so you can have complete control of your settings, even if you are not at home.

Schedule Annual Maintenance:
Finally, the off season is the perfect time to plan your annual service. The technician can inspect your system to make sure it operates at maximum efficiency.

If you are concerned about the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner, Singapore owners should contact us. Gas Air is an air conditioning specialist and our team of technicians will be happy to answer your questions or requests.

The Importance of Servicing:
Many homeowners only call in a professional when their air conditioning system suffers a breakdown. However, your system would benefit from regular servicing. In fact, many manufacturers insist on annual servicing as part of their warranty conditions. It is a good idea to seek out a professional HVAC specialist who can not only provide service and repair but can provide a trusted opinion for when it is time to upgrade your system. As your system gets older, you will find that repairs are needed more frequently, and your energy bills increase. This means that you need trusted advice on when it is the best time to replace your system and maximize savings.

Times When You Need to Call Your Local Air Conditioning Experts

Many people have a problem determining when they need to call on the services of air conditioning experts. This is understandable as air conditioners are complex electrical, electronic and mechanical systems and most people don't know how they work. Something could appear to be a trivial issue or nothing to worry about and actually be an urgent priority. If you're ever concerned about your system, it may be a good idea to seek professional advice just in case. That being said, here are four things to look out for that would be a good reason to call a local air conditioning specialist.

Weird Screeching Sounds:
There are a couple of instances where you might notice a weird screeching sound coming from your air conditioner. The first reason is the least serious; it means that the fan belt has become loose and needs adjustment. The second reason is a problem with the compressor; this indicates that the system is operating with excessive pressure levels. It's serious, turn off your system immediately and use the services of air conditioning experts to help you. Unfortunately, it's hard to tell the difference between these two types of strident noises, but I hope it's a fan belt problem.

A Burning Smell:
This is never a good sign when you are using any kind of complicated equipment. If you smell burning from your air conditioner, it usually means that there is some type of electrical problem. Somewhere in the system, some of it has become hot, and it probably melts. Immediately turn off the air conditioner and call for professional help.

Unusual Buzzing or Popping Noises
This is also an indication that there may be an electrical problem that has developed inside your system. This sound could be components blowing or lose connections that need to be fixed. Call out an expert as soon as possible as the situation will only get worse with time and cost more to repair.

No Air Flow
If you notice that there is no or a reduced level of air coming from you air conditioning vents you have a problem. There could be multiple reasons for this to occur that are too numerous to list here. A trained professional, however, will be able to find out what is wrong and advise you on a course of action to correct the problem.

If they are looking for local air conditioning experts, Singapore residents should contact aircon gas. We can supply, fit and service all kinds of residential and commercial air conditioning equipment. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent level of service at an affordable price for our customers. If you would like more information, get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer any remaining queries you may have.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Tips & Reasons to Install Aircon in Your Office

If you are working in an office environment, you are undoubtedly suffering from air conditioning. In offices, you often find that half of the building is very hot, while the other half of the building is very cold. So what can you do to fix the air conditioning in the office? The following is a guide to why air conditioning in the office causes a lot of problems and a guide to how to fix it or prevent problems. below are some office aircon tips.

Talk to professionals
It is important to talk to specialists in the field. This ensures that air conditioners are installed the first time. No one wants to be an amateur to handle this. Experts can prove to be useful resources when shopping for different units and models. These professionals will explain the benefits of different models and will be honest in using energy. This ensures that the forms are installed correctly so that the office is cooled correctly.

Energy efficiency options
Energy efficiency is another thing to consider when thinking about how to cool the office. This is an opportunity to help the environment in addition to providing utility bills. The greater the use of electricity, the higher the monthly expenses. There is a lot of online information about energy efficiency. One should look to see if the systems are certified or approved. Today, keep the latest energy systems in mind, which is why they will not break the bank to look for such options. In fact, people will save money in the long run.An air conditioner is a luxury or needs to depend on where you work. No one wants to sweat during meetings or feeling cold, as heat and humidity can lead to a person. Lining an office keeps people productive and focused, and that's a wise investment.

Consider the types
There are many different types of air conditioning systems. For example, one can invest in a window unit, or can invest in a central air which uses openings in the house. A window unit can only cool down a room while central air can cool an entire building. However, central air can be very expensive, while the unit is fairly cheap. These are the kinds of decisions people need to take.

Price comparison
The first step is to explore different options. One must compare prices on different types of air conditioning systems. This is an opportunity to know the individual's budget, the amount of energy that these systems will use, and whether they are cooling an entire building or just a certain room. Compare prices will give the average price person in different models. This ensures that one can discover a lot when one is embodied.

What is EER? Is the air conditioning
This is something you need to take a closer look at because this is what will tell you how much energy is needed to run the unit to work effectively. It is best to go to air conditioning units that come with a high EER ratio (energy efficiency ratio) because these will use much less energy to run them. But be aware that the higher the EER the higher the unit cost. For use in the office, the air conditioning unit must contain an EER number between 8 and 11.5.

How is the temperature controlled
Most air conditioning units today contain a thermosensor that is installed and then adjusts the air temperature when entering the unit automatically either by manual or programmable control. It is best if you use this thermostat in air-conditioning units with a variable speed fan, which helps to cool the air inside and outside of the unit more efficiently. You should also consider investing a little in your air conditioning for the office by including features such as a remote control, a timer, and possibly digital readings.

Is it easy to maintain
You need air conditioning for the office where the filters inside can be easily removed either for cleaning or replacement. This will help to ensure that at work, the unit will do so at optimal levels.
How is the air expelled from the unit
You need to have an air-conditioning unit for the office that can expel the air quickly but with little noise in the room. The best types of air conditioning for office units of choice are those with a variable speed fan that works in conjunction with the adjustable thermostat unit. In addition to making sure that the louvers on the unit in the room do not just move from side to side but also up and down.

Reason for office aircon services you need to know

Reduces heat load for machines
Machines will add heat load to your office or commercial property. Machines such as faxes, copiers, and printers will increase your office temperature, which means you will need a higher cooling capacity. Tell your conditioning contractor when you get a quote to make sure you get a unit large enough to accommodate your property.office requires air conditioner be more capable than that of a residential property. This is because offices have a far greater number of people and machinery in them. These extra people and machines add heat to the property, which means you need a larger air conditioner to cool the area.

Increased productivity
More comfortable workers will have higher output than workers who are either very hot or too cold. If your commercial property does not have air conditioning, consider adding it to increase your productivity and fame. the large commercial building, the fumigation system may be ideal for your needs. Evaporative air conditioners can cool relatively large areas at relatively cheap prices, often used in car factories or anything that has a large area with hot equipment. They usually have large invasions that distribute air through the plant.

For the office, a suitable solution should be provided because there is a high density of workers in the office, it can become uncomfortably hot. An open-plan office with air conditioning can be provided, and studios can be provided with appropriate solutions. If you would like additional information on commercial air conditioning, you can contact a company that offers products and services.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Aircon Servicing Tips and How to Clean Aircon Filter

If you have a defective aircon in your home, you may not enjoy the pleasant experience that you need. Most of the time, you may have this bad experience due to lack of aircon servicing. In most instances, the professional that you hire may ignore some of the things that bring constant problems to your machine. This means you will get the problems again and again. But by keeping your aircon in good shape you’ll not only save money but also extend its lifespan thereby saving you on costly early replacement. Here are some of the top aircon serving tips.

Clean and replace the filter
One of the most important aircon maintained chores is replacing or cleaning your aircon filter. This should be done regularly during the high use season and once during a fall or spring. Here is how to clean aircon filter.

How to clean aircon filter


· Rag
· Vacuum
· Screwdriver
· Vinegar
· Old towel
· Small basin


· Open the air conditioner- Before doing anything, you need to ensure that your air conditioner is turned off. Once this done, use a screwdriver to carefully remove the parts.

· Remove the filters- First, inspect the filters for any serious signs or wear and tear. If you see any snags or rips don’t even bother yourself with cleaning. The best thing to do is to replace them since using them may affect their efficiency.

· Vacuum-
If you don’t need to replace your filters then use a vacuum to get rid of accumulated grime and dirt. For effective cleaning results, ensure that you do the job properly. However, you need to be very careful as you might end up puncturing or tearing the filter. Remember, any tears usually render the filter ineffective.

· Sanitize the filters- Fill the basin with equal portions of vinegar and water. Ensure that the basin is large enough to fit the filters. The vinegar is basically used to kill allergens and any harmful bacteria that may have accumulated inside there.

· Soak the filters- Allow the filter enough time to soak in the solution. If you don’t clean them regularly then you should allow them to soak for at least 4 hours to ensure that they are properly sanitized. However, if you have only used them a few times then a one hour of soaking is just enough.

· Drain- Remove them out from the water solution and allow the solution to drain out. However, avoid rinsing them since this might reverse the process. Instead, place them in an old clean towel to absorb the excess solution. While still in the towel, allow them to dry naturally. It’s advisable to place them where the sun is available or just outside in the yard.

· Fit the filter back- Finally, fit the filters back and replace any component that you may need to replace.

Other aircon servicing tips

Apart from cleaning the filter here are other aircon maintenance tips that may help you.

· Check out the wiring component- Before working on your aircon, you need to turn off the wiring unit. Next, check whether there are any signs of overheating such as burned and blackened wires, melted insulation on wires among others. Apart from this, check out any electrical connection to see whether they are tight or not. If you see any of these signs then call in professional to help you.

· Examine thermostat- Inspect the thermostat to ensure that it’s working well and can keep your home at the right temperature. If you have a mechanical type thermostat, you need to upgrade into the modern one which is programmable. A programmable thermostat will enable you to set the temperature high and cool the home when you need to. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you go to comfortable home.

· Check the condenser unit fan-
Turn off your aircon and check out whether the fan is working or not. In case there are any visible chips or cracks replace them immediately. If you have an older conditioner then you may need to regularly oil the bearings

· Clean the outside unit- Over time grass clippings, leaves, or dirt may build up on the system thereby reducing the air flow and capacity. After putting off the power, use a garden hose to gently remove the debris. However, avoid using a power washer.

· Fix any leaks-
Ducts can always lose a lot of air flow through the leaks. You need to use the old smoke tricks to find the leaks. For window units, light a stick and hold it where the window and the unit meet. If the smoke comes out then it means there is a leakage. You can then go ahead and seal them with foil tape. However, for window AC use staff foam in between.

· Clean the fins- Remove the outer covers and then use the brush on a powerful vacuum to remove all the outside dirt that might be there. Using a garden hose, spray the fin to remove any build-up of debris or dirt. Since the pressure might destroy the fin never use a pressure washer. If the fins are very dirty you may use commercially available cleaning spray

· Clean the evaporator coil- On the furnace, unit look for evaporator coil. You may need to take out few bolts and screws and then use a soft brush to brush off the coils. Next, clean the drain pan with water, soap, and little beach. To ensure that the coil remains clean for long, place a drain pan tablet on the pan to inhibit algae growth.


Properly cleaning and maintaining your aircon conditioning unit will not only save you lot of money but also keep your house comfortable during the hottest days of the year? If you can follow these aircon servicing tips then your aircon machine will keep on working for a long time. If any of the components is not working properly, check out whether they can be serviced at home or it’s important to hire professional. Thoroughly examining, servicing and cleaning your aircon will decrease the chances of any problems occurring in future.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips on How to Install Aircon in New BTO

An Aircon system can be a great appliance if installed properly to your BTo. Most people in Singapore are familiar with its functionality since many homes have this appliance. Modern Aircon systems offer a high degree of energy efficiency. Anyway, the fact is that it must be installed correctly to get the most out of the device. Without a doubt, you should work with a professional to install this system. However, this can help if you know the process. Do the right job, and you can add years of life to a new Aircon system. Clean the installation, and you will get reduced energy efficiency, inefficient cooling or home heating, and an unhappy family.

Tips on how to install aircon in new BTO

A poorly repaired system not only offers real benefits but can also damage the system. If you are qualified to install your Aircon system, here are some tips you can consider to ensure that the whole process is smooth and that you enjoy the benefits of a precisely installed Aircon system. Here are some tips for installing an air conditioner in the new BTO that you should know about.

Focus on the duct network

One of the primary sources of inefficiency in an Aircon system is the ductwork. As a result, it is essential that you pay proper attention to the ducts. Remember that you must also use air conditioning support systems to ensure that the pipes are not affected by pressure or heat. Support systems will also facilitate the long-term administration of the conduits. After all, tubes allow air to circulate easily. In addition to the pipes, you should also consider the vents. In the case of wall or ceiling vents, you must ensure that they are located in the appropriate places. In the case of floor vents, make sure objects such as furniture do not block them.

Position the fan coil unit correctly

The fan coil unit is one of the main considerations when installing an Aircon system. It must be placed in the right place to simplify the installation of conduits and wiring. In general, the attic or roof is preferred for installation of the unit. The basement is another suitable option. A support system for the fan coil must also be installed.

It can be a simple platform. However, it must match the dimensions of the fan coil unit. If you plan to hang the fan coil, you should pay attention to the threaded rods used. You should always opt for 1/4 inch threaded rods. Also, make sure that the threaded road never connects directly to the aircon fan coil. It’s not necessary to connect the unit to your platform. The Aircon’s weight is enough to keep it in position. However, you must make sure there is enough space for the service.

Connect the plenum ring

The dispensing chamber ring should be located a few centimeters below the bottom of the unit. Keep this in mind when making connections. Therefore, you may need to move the AC unit first to join the camera ring. Make sure the plenum ring gasket is attached to the unit cabinet before placing the dispensing chamber ring.

Condensate drain and coolant lines

After the ring of the distribution chamber has been connected, it can pass to the condensate drain. It can be easily attached by following the instructions provided with it. However, you must know the local building codes before doing so. After that, you can work to join the refrigerant lines. It will join the outdoor AC unit to the fan coil unit indoors. The manufacturer's instructions for installation must be followed.

There are other components that you need to install; Conduit plenum, feed tube, feed tube, acoustic attenuation tube and Terminator outlets. Installing these components can be a relatively complex procedure. Professional help is recommended to install them. However, you must ensure that proper support systems are used for the pipe and other similar components.

Do not install the units used.

Not all, but many real estate investors are known to install used units. The apparent reason behind this is that these units have a relatively lower cost compared to the new aircon units. However, the problems that are later caused by these units are so much that you end up paying more than you could have saved by buying used units. This is not even worth thinking about since the consequences are bad.

Repair units of adequate size

If you are faced with a dilemma when deciding on the size of the unit to install, you need to go for the more extensive Aircon system instead of opting for a smaller one. A small aircon system will cause more headaches. You will not want the unit to lose its ability to cool the home or office building below a temperature that is not relaxing enough.

Ensure good insulation

Even if your contractor is using a new unit and installing an appropriately sized system in your home or workplace, you may encounter problems such as minor cooling until your property is isolated. When mounted with precision, insulation allows your unit to reach the desired temperature and, ultimately, helps you save on your electricity bills.

Do not neglect maintenance.

Your work does not end once you have selected and installed a correct HVAC in Palm Springs. Be sure to perform regular inspections and maintenance. Change your air filters every month as dirty filters limit the operation of the system and increase energy costs. Not only that, but dirty filters are also responsible for damaging your system. On the contrary, routine care improves the efficiency of the system, making it more sustainable.


Do not neglect the importance of the support system in the installation of an Aircon system. If the support system fails, it can damage your unit and lead to costly repairs and replacements. Always obtain the components of your support system from a reputable manufacturer. You can also read some information online on how to install aircon in new BTO.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Why is it That You Will Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is essential for its appropriate functioning. Many of the companies are providing different packages according to your pocket size. In case you have air conditioning installed in your building then you need to make sure that regular air conditioning maintenance is conducted.

There are plenty of main reasons why regular air conditioning maintenance is essential before it’s undertaken you must be sure that your air conditioning engineer is fully qualified and will provide you with all the correct paperwork to prove that the system is fit for use.

In public like offices, it is important to know what the regulations surrounding safe practices are and exactly how often maintenance checks on all the parts in the building should be carried out to make sure that health and safety rules are being followed.

Once you have employed the assistance of a qualified air conditioning maintenance engineer, they will be able to undertake regular checks and provide you the appropriate paperwork to demonstrate that your checks are undertaken correctly.

One of the main reasons that safety checks and maintenance ought to be carried out is to maintain your air conditioning system in the best condition. When the system is regularly maintained and potential issues will be flagged up and parts replaced before the system stops working which saves both cash and time.

Regular maintenance does mean there's less deterioration of mechanical parts as smooth running puts less pressure on the components throughout the air conditioning system, which will mean that the device will last longer.

Keeping your air conditioning system in good shape may also signify that it will work more effectively and make use of less energy and that is another factor which will conserve your funds.
The reason why everybody is now choosing air conditioning over conventional heating is simply that it tends to be more energy efficient. This is because it's more effective to keep a building at a constant temperature than to be constantly heating up and cooling down a building.

However, if your air conditioning is not fully maintained this will detract from energy benefits you can get from the lack of conventional heating.

If you haven't yet had air conditioning installed then consults with your air conditioning company regarding the best kind of air conditioning for the building. An engineer should be able to give you advice regarding the sort of air conditioning that can work most efficiently and hopefully consume less energy and save you money in running costs.

Air conditioning in offices will also help to prevent sick building syndrome, which can often be brought on by stale air building up within a space. If you fit air conditioning you can even opt to have air conditioning filters fitted that'll clean and purify air coming into your building and take away stale air too, to ensure that air is continually being replaced, preventing the spread of germs along with generally making your staff feel healthier.

Sick building syndrome has been the cause of a large proportion of time taken off work so fitting an air filter in your building can save you money as hopefully, you'll have fewer instances of sickness and staff will feel happier, healthier and more productive in their environment. Ensuring your work environment is as pleasant and uncomplicated to use as possible is one method to enhance the happiness of your staff which in turn means that staff is more efficient and even more productive.

Caring for Your Air Conditioning Singapore off Season Tips and Tricks

While Singapore residents rely on their air conditioning during the summer, there will be times of the year when the system is used far less frequently, if it is used at all. Although it is very easy to forget about your air con during the offseason, it is the ideal time for servicing or making repairs. Here are just some tips and tricks to care for your system in the offseason.

Make Seasonal Repairs:
If you have noticed that your air conditioner is not performing as well as it used to, you are likely to see your energy bills increasing. The longer you delay having any underlying issues corrected, the worse a problem will get. For example, if the motor belt on your indoor unit has developed a problem, you may notice that it starts to make screeching noises. Although this appears to be a minor inconvenience the unit has to work harder to cool the room. Additionally, at some point, the belt will be completely compromised, and it will trigger a breakdown issue.

Seal Any Air Leaks:

Air leaks can be a common problem in older homes, but any home can be vulnerable. Small gaps and holes around the doors and windows can add up to a great deal of wasted energy as cooled air is lost. This not only impacts the efficiency of air conditioning systems, but it can place a strain on the system and decrease your comfort level. Many HVAC professionals can assist you with a home energy audit to reveal any leaks.

Learn About Your Thermostat:
Many homeowners don't understand the full potential of their thermostat with any knowledge of all the features and functions. Considering that the vast majority of our energy bills relate to heating and cooling, it is a good idea to learn about your thermostat to improve efficiency. During the off-season, it is the ideal time to have a read through the manual and try out some features. If your thermostat lacks some of the more innovative features, it could also be the perfect time for an upgrade. You could install a smart thermostat so you can have complete control of your settings, even if you are not at home.

Schedule Annual Maintenance:
Finally, the offseason is the best time to schedule your annual service. The technician can inspect your system to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency.

If you are concerned about the efficiency and performance of your air con, Singapore property owners should contact us. Gas Air is air conditioning specialists and our team of technicians would be happy to answer your questions or queries. Air conditioning maintenance needs a proper check of the key components. So by following the instructions or guidelines, anyone can easily maintain the air conditioner and if fail to do so than he/she can go for the maintenance packages provided by the many of the companies.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Determinants of Aircon Servicing

How would you know when to do aircon servicing? What is the perfect time for that? The choice to service your AIRCON system generally does not take place if you may wish to design it. If the system has recently caused inconvenience, it may be your reputation to get a repair, and the most punctual would be your best bet. Never commit yourself, so that the system is not neglected and you are content with a hasty decision. Careful thinking about the lifetime of the system should allow you to make a suitable and practical choice.

To promote your basic judgment with regards to when to do aircon servicing, some variables may prove useful, such as:

The electricity bills are getting bigger and bigger
Rising electricity bills say a lot about the waste of the system. If the aircon systems have caused problems, the workmanship will undoubtedly drop and the impact is typically felt in the expanding bills. If there are sudden variations in electricity bills, the problem can undoubtedly be traced to your air conditioning system, which requires maintenance, repairs or a complete replacement.

The appliance is old
Every article has its lifetime and AIRCON devices are the same. Depending on the conditions in the neighborhood, the lifetime may shift, but for the ventilation system, it is usually between 8 and 15 years. For heaters and evaporators, it takes about 15 to 20 years. Old appliances are usually just a notable repair far away from the landfill. Regardless, obtaining service for the device can be a costly experience because the items in the store are no longer accessible. If outdated devices cost you more, time to replace them already!

The unit breaks down often
Separated or terminated disappointment is a big problem. Any device that regularly breaks down or causes a visit can require costly repairs for it to work properly. A better alternative is put into another unit. The repairs can extend the life of the unit for a little more, but with something completely new, you have the opportunity to eliminate problems in the long run forever.

The house is no longer comfortable
The AIRCON system should add comfort to your domestic condition. If the system was reversed, substitution is required. There could be several reasons for his diminished work. The lack of maintenance services can be the source of the problem, and the master server can solve the problems, but if that does not work, replacing the system would become very basic.

The device generates noise and smell

If a device causes your AIRCON to produce unusual noises or smells, this is an indication of inconvenience and parts of the device may not function properly. For example, there could be spillage or cable usage. Getting a quick assessment could be the right way to prevent circumstances from evolving to dangerous levels and taking appropriate action to avoid inconvenience

What you need to remember when it comes to aircon service

Ideal efficiency will save you money after some time
Dithering to replacement ventilation and cooling system that will never run again is like abolishing the opportunity to save money. To be honest, it's far worse, it costs you more to keep it going.

How do you know if your ventilation system is wasteful? An enormous guidepost is when your vitality costs creep up while your comfort level falls. You know that something is really wrong if you just do not get the cool state you pay for.

Today's units bring greater savings
The most prominent private ventilation system can reduce vitality by up to 50% while providing ideal cooling. The older your cooling system is, the more remarkable your Vital Reserve funds can be when changing.

The company's current cooling decisions include heating and cooling systems that give you the most extreme temperature and vitality maintenance control. With electronic boards, rooms and entire zones can be easily integrated or rejected. Programmable planning gives cool comfort when and where you need it and saves significantly more vitality and money.

Repairs after some time can cost more than replacement
If your current ventilation and the cooling unit requires service calls, the costs do not need to be considered. In fact, even a few repairs every year can bring a scratch to the general workload plan. Proficient substitution reduces vitality and cost while delivering remarkable sans repair work time.

Selection of the best replacement aircon system

It is important that you have the right limits regarding the needs of your structure. Choosing a unit that is just as high will ruin it with moisture control. If you choose both lower and upper limits, you'll sweat as temperatures rise.

In addition to selecting the right ventilation unit for your needs, it must be installed in the best environment, with the right type, the right level of protection and professional ventilation.

Points of interest ahead of schedule
Preparing to change your ventilation and cooling system will give you plenty of time to think about the majority of available options based on an exhaustive evaluation of your current system. It is best not to choose a substitution unit after you have either totally bombed or breathed your last breath and cannot work satisfactorily to maintain the interest in cool air.

The main reason why you need to replace or repair your old unit is to increase the efficiency. Do you know that you can cut your electricity bill by no less than 30% as you increase your efficiency? If you do not frequently service or use your aircon g unit when it is faulty, it will consume more power and increase your energy bills. In this way, when you need to cut off your utility bills, make sure that you frequently maintain the device to influence it for it to be productive.

The best way to find out the right time to service your unit is to check how often the unit breaks down. Once it is consistently separated, I strongly trust that it is the right time to replace it with another entity. You can hut repair it save some cash instead of what you could have spent on acquiring the new one.