Monday, 14 December 2015

How to Service Mitsubishi Electric Aircon

Step 1: Clean the condenser

Clean your outside unit on a day that is no less than 60 degrees F. That is about the base temperature at which you can test your ventilation system to ensure its working. The condenser for the most part, sits in an unnoticeable spot alongside your home. You'll see two copper tubes hurrying to it, one uncovered and the other encased in a froth sleeve. On the off chance that you have a warmth pump, both tubes will be secured by froth sleeves. 

Your essential occupation here is to clean the condenser balances, which are fine metallic edges that encompass the unit. They get messy on the grounds that a focal fan sucks air through them, pulling in dust, dead leaves, dead grass and the most exceedingly bad guilty party—drifting "cotton" from cottonwood trees and dandelions. The flotsam and jetsam obstruct the wind current and decrease the unit's cooling capacity. 

Continuously start by closing off the electrical energy to the unit. Typically you'll discover a shutoff adjacent. It might be a switch in a container, a draw lever or a breaker shut that you haul out. Search for the "on-off" markings. 

Vacuum the balances clean with a delicate brush; they're delicate and effortlessly bowed or pulverized. On numerous units, you'll need to unscrew and lift off a metal box to get at them. Check your proprietor's manual for bearings and lift off the case deliberately to abstain from knocking the balances. At times, you'll discover blades that have been twisted. You can purchase an uncommon arrangement of balance brushes (from a machine parts store) to rectify them. Minor rectifying should be possible with a gruff super blade. In the event that huge ranges of blades are squashed, have an ace rectify them amid a standard administration call. 

At that point unscrew the fan to access the inside of the condenser. You can't totally uproot it in light of the fact that its wiring is associated with the unit. Contingent upon the amount of play the wires give you, you may require a partner to hold it while you vacuum trash from within. (Now and then mice like to over-winter there!) 

After you hose off the blades, check the fan engine for grease ports. More up to date engines have fixed direction (our own did) and can't be greased up. Check your proprietor's manual no doubt. On the off chance that you discover ports, include five drops of electric engine oil (from tool shops or apparatus parts stores). Try not to utilize entering oil or generally useful oil. They're not intended for long haul grease and can really hurt the orientation. 

On the off chance that you have an old aeration and cooling system, you may have a belt-driven compressor in the base of the unit. Search for grease ports on this too. The compressors on fresher aeration and cooling systems are totally encased and won't require lubrication.

Step 2: Restart the condenser (outside unit)
By and large, you can basically restore energy to the outside unit and move inside to complete the upkeep. On the other hand, the compressors are shockingly delicate and some require uncommon start-up methodology under two conditions. (Others have fabricated in electronic controls that handle the start-up, yet unless you realize that yours has these controls, take after these systems.) 

1. On the off chance that the ability to your unit has been off for over four hours: 

• Move the change from "cool" to "off" at your inside indoor regulator. 
• Turn the force back on and let the unit sit for 24 hours. (The compressor has a warming component that warms the inside ointment.) 
• Switch the indoor regulator back to "cool." 

2. If you exchanged the unit off while the compressor was running: 
• Wait no less than five minutes before exchanging it back on. (The compressor needs to decompress before restarting.) With the aeration and cooling system running, ensure it's really working by touching the coolant tubes. This is a rough test. Just a genius with appropriate instruments can tell if the coolant is at the level for crest proficiency. Be that as it may look out for dim dribble blemishes on the base of the case and underneath the tube joints. This shows an oil release and a potential coolant spill also. Bring in a star on the off chance that you recognize this issue. Try not to fix a joint to attempt to stop a break yourself. Over tightening can exacerbate the issue. 

Step 3: Clean the indoor unit
The evaporator for the most part sits in a difficult to reach spot inside a metal channel downstream from the blower. On the off chance that you can get to it, tenderly vacuum its blades (from the blower side) with a delicate brush as you did with the condenser. Notwithstanding, the most ideal approach to keep it clean is to keep the airstream from the blower clean. This implies yearly vacuuming out the blower compartment and changing the channel at whatever point it's grimy. 

Start by killing the ability to the heater or blower. Normally you'll locate a straightforward flip switch adjacent in a metal box; generally kill the force at the primary board. On the off chance that you experience difficulty opening the blower unit or discovering the channel, check your proprietor's manual for help. The manual will likewise list the channel sort, yet in the event that it's your first time, bring the old one with you when purchasing another one to ensure you get the right size. Make certain to keep the ability to the blower off at whatever point you uproot the channel. Else you'll blow dust into the evaporator blades. 

The manual will likewise let you know where to discover the oil ports on the blower, in the event that it has any. The blower compartments on more current heaters and warmth pumps are tight to the point that you frequently can't grease up the blower without uprooting it. On the off chance that that is the situation, have an expert do it amid a standard upkeep checkup. 

The evaporator blades dehumidify the air as they cool it, so you'll discover a tube to deplete the buildup. The water gathers in a dish and depletes out the side. Most tubes are adaptable plastic and are anything but difficult to draw off and clean. Be that as it may, in the event that they're unbending plastic, you'll likely need to unscrew or slice off with a saw to check.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

8 Common Misconceptions On Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Considering the humid and hot climate in Singapore, air conditioning unit is almost like a basic to have. The fact that Singapore does not experience winter or spring season, gives you an idea of the type beautiful climate that this nation has. Aircon is unit that will help in regulating the room environment so as to provide a serene and comfortable atmosphere to work in or just reside in if it is installed in the residential property. But like any other device, these units are prone to all kind of mechanical and electrical faults that can hamper their operation. This is why continuous servicing and cleaning is very crucial in order to maintain their optimal performance.

There are many ways of cleaning an aircon, and it mostly depend on the services provider that you have hired. One of the methods that have been found to work quite well is the chemical cleaning as it also deals with repairing faulty functional parts of the unit. It is highly preferred for leaking aircons. But there are plenty of misinformation misconceptions that are associated with aircon chemical cleaning. Here are just of the 8 common misconceptions that many people have about aircon chemical cleaning,

•It is expensive

When people hear anything to do with chemical cleaning, the first thing that they register in their mind is the high cost of service delivery. But this is far from the truth as the service provider offers different and affordable cleaning packages that any person can afford to hire. Each aircon is different in its way, and thus the magnitude of the task will vary. By this, it simply means that you cannot generalize the charges. The cost of these chemicals is not that high to warrant high costs as many would believe it to be. Thus, it is a total misconception that many people have over the cost of service.

•Health complications

Some Singaporean fears using this method in cleaning their Aircon believing that it can cause health complication. They believe that the chemical can be dangerous to their body, and this is the reason they prefer the use of the traditional methods in servicing their air conditioners. But this is an unfounded fear as it has been scientifically proven that the exercise does not affect even the pets living in that room leave alone human. All that one can do is to leave the service provider alone while in operation to avoid coming into contact with these chemicals during the cleaning session. Once the unit is completely clean and installed, the chemicals cannot harm anyone at all.

•It is dangerous for the Aircon

This is another common misconception that people have on the aircon chemical cleaning. Just because it is referred as chemical cleaning, many tend to believe that it may contain some corrosive substances that can lower the lifespan of the unit. But this is not true as these chemicals are highly researched and certified by authorized bodies to be used for these activities. Furthermore, chemical cleaning is known as among the best maintenance methods that guarantee a long lifespan of the aircon unit and also a way that improves its efficiency significantly.

•It requires complicated procedures

The reason many would opt to go for the traditional methods of cleaning their aircon is for believing that chemical cleaning it requires a complicated procedure. But this argument would be out of sheer ignorance or misinformation as the procedures of chemical cleaning are very simple for anyone to follow. From this misconception, many people have failed to benefit from this service that could see their aircon unit improve their performance. Note that chemical cleaning is the easiest and the simplest way of having your unit totally cleaned. There are absolutely no complications in this method of air condition cleaning, and it’s very easy to handle.

•It can replace the traditional cleaning

Many people would tend to think that is a method of air-con cleaning can replace the traditional method. This is a misconception that many Singaporean have, but the fact is that it cannot completely replace the traditional cleaning. Combine both of them is the best way that you can come up with quality service that will enhance the performance of the aircon unit. Thus, you cannot rely fully on this method of cleaning alone but you are required to combine the two methods for perfect results. It is a misconception vast majority of people fail in getting excellent outcome in this service delivery.

•It is only for stain removal

Some people think that chemical cleaning is only used for stain removal, but they fail to understand the effect that it has on the whole unit. It is a fact that chemicals are good for stain removal, but they are also very crucial in unblocking any clogged parts of the aircon. This is a fact that not many people are aware of. Do you know that chemical cleaning is the best ways of dealing with a leaking air conditioning unit? Yes, it is a method used for the removal of stains but also cleaning the vital functioning parts of the aircon.

•It pollutes the Quality of air

The fact that air condition is mostly meant to condition the air in the room, the use of chemicals in the cleaning of this unit is a subject for debate by many people. The main misconception on this is that people believe that the residues of the chemicals that are left after cleaning can pollute the quality of air in the conditioned room. But this argument is not true and it has no scientific basis. The chemicals used for cleaning are totally diluted with other fluids to remove them any residues.

•You only need a company with the right equipment

You do not go for the contractor just because they seem to have the best equipment. It is a common misconception vast majority of the people has, and they end getting disappointed. Selecting a service provider with the necessary skill and experience is the only to ensure that you have gotten value for your money. Many have equipments that they have an idea of how to use them.

So, the fact remains that, chemical cleaning ids one of the best methods of ensuring that your aircon is thoroughly cleaned. Its benefits cannot be compared with traditional cleaning, but you must use both so as to get the best results. Hire the most reputable and experienced service provider to get value for your money..

Monday, 28 September 2015

Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

A country like Singapore is so hot in most parts of the year. The environment makes it difficult to sleep comfortably or concentrate in work-related duties if there's no constant supply of fresh air. But just like any other machine, an air conditioner can malfunction, thus exceeding the normal noise level. At this point, it fails to serve its purpose, even though it may still be working in good condition. Who wants noise in exchange for fresh supply of air? It has to be perfect in both ways.

Why your AC unit is loud

There are several reasons why your AC might exceed the normal sound level it was designed to produce. Blame it on the parts, and the wear and tear caused by age or poor maintenance. But again, noisy air con units have been known to continue serving for more years even after they become noisy, so it's never too late to do something to an AC unit that proves to be too loud.

Basically, an AC has parts that can cause noise. The compressor, the driver motor, the fan motor, fan blade, blower wheel and blower motor can all cause noise, especially if you fail to maintain them as advised.

The Common sounds you're likely to hear

It must be noted that all aircon units run with sound, thus it's impossible to find a unit that is dead quiet while in operation. However, the level of noise emitted also depends with the age and design of the unit. Older units tend to be louder than newer models. This has to do with the design and innovation since technology keeps revolving to make things function quieter. Therefore, if the unit you currently run is roaring instead of purring, it's not a sign that it's about to die on you.

Some people generally feel that major components of their units, such as the fan and the compressor are too loud. In such a case, a professional may be able to help with advice, such as installing sound blankets, or exploring other noise-reduction options. Furthermore, regular maintenance by a HVAC professional may keep the noise in check by cleaning the dirty blades or lubricating parts that need to be lubricated so they don't operate with noise.

But on the other hand, some noises may need to be fixed immediately. So in the event that yours is too loud, you may need to power it off immediately to avoid further damage.

(a) The rattling sound

Rattling sounds are common with air con units that are loud. So just in case you wake up one day and discover that your unit is emitting this kind of sound, it may be due to something that fell into the vents, such as leaves, or other outdoor debris.

Again, this sound could indicate something else, like a loose bolt that needs to be fastened. If none of the mentioned things are the cause of the loud noise, then the sound could be coming from the compressor itself. The compressor has a motor that may get loud with age. This may signal the onset of problems with your AC unit.

(b) Grinding

Grinding noise is emitted as a result of a problem with the fan motor. If it gets louder by the day, it's a good sign that something may be going wrong inside the fan motor. Maybe it's a worn out bearing that is causing this noise. So you should confirm with a professional first if this is the case.

(c) Popping noise

The duct-work can also cause popping noise. This is very common where air supply cuts on and off. If this is the case, the problem may be with your duct-work, and not the central air con unit itself. The duct-work is also susceptible to aging, thus if not maintained, it may start emitting noise levels that are uncomfortable, thus interfering with the smooth and efficient operation of the unit itself.

(d) Hissing or whistling

The duct-work could also produce a hissing or whistling sound in some cases. But on the other hand, if you're certain that the whistling sound is not coming from the duct-work, it may be a problem with your central unit itself. Whistling normally indicates a refrigerant leak. This is something that should be fixed by a HVAC expert.

How individual components can cause noise in your AC unit

The dual shaft fan motor

The first time you discover an unusual noise, check with the fan. The fan normally causes noise whenever it's worn out. Focus on the dual shaft motor because this part always has bearings that need to stay lubricated all the time. However, when this lubricant burns out, the parts will become noisy. The dual shaft fan motor cannot be repaired, so when it breaks down, you will need to replace it with a new one.

The fan blades

A typical AC unit will have fan blades both in front and in the rear. The blades may break or get worn out with time. When this is the case, those components may start rubbing on the fan casing, thus causing the noise. However, if the fan blades are not rubbing on anything, then it might be an issue with worn out bearings. You can't replace bearings, so this will prompt you to replace the fan motor as a whole.


The components mentioned above are crucial mechanics of any AC unit, so it's easy to see why they might decide to squeak, whistle or just produce a popping sound. One thing you should know is that your AC unit also comes with AC filters. These special filters must be changed regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

These filters become clogged with time. But generally, the rate at which they become clogged also depends with the environment of the home or premise. For instance, if there's more dust or cigarette smoke in the area, the filters will get clogged faster, thus needing replacement sooner. Secondly, your air con unit still needs occasional tune-ups done by a professional a few times a year. This will keep all the noise at bay.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

What Is The Best Temperature For Aircon To Save Electricity?

There are some useful tips and techniques that you should follow, so you are able to maintain the overall quality of your air conditioner without spending a lot of money on the electricity cost. You also need to setup the right temperature for your device, so you are able to save electricity effectively. The average temperature of your aircon unit should be around 23 - 28 degrees C. This temperature is very useful to help you maintain comfortable room temperature in your room easily. You don't have to spend a lot of money when you use this average temperature in your daily life. Here are some other useful tips for saving the energy and electricity easily.

1. Service your unit regularly

When you want to reduce the overall energy use of your air conditioner, you should take a look at this simple tip. It is very important for you to service your unit regularly. Servicing your air conditioner can help you maintain the performance of this unit. You can also remove any types of unwanted materials from your device effectively, so you can use your unit for a long time. It is recommended that you hire the best aircon service company in Singapore, especially when you want to repair any broken air conditioner units in your property effectively.

2. Check the duct area
This is another great tip on how you can save the electricity effectively. You need to check the duct area of your air conditioner, in order to improve the efficiency of your unit. Proper air duct system can help you improve the overall air circulation inside this ducting system. Good air circulation can help your unit function normally without spending a lot of energy or electricity. You are going to have cool air inside your space without spending a lot of energy or money for your air conditioner.

3. Maintain the temperature
If you want to save electricity from your air conditioner, you should take a look at this important tip. You need to learn about how you can maintain the overall temperature of your device. The temperature should be maintained in room temperature, so you will never have to spend a lot of energy for reducing the overall temperature inside your space. You can also setup the thermostat setting inside your device, in order to improve the overall performance and quality of this device. Setting this thermostat should not be a complicated and difficult task to do for you.

4. Turn off the light when you are sleeping
This tip is very useful to help you maintain the energy use in your air conditioner without having any problems. It can be a great idea for you to turn off the light, especially when you are sleeping. Some light bulbs are going to produce heat to the environment, so they are going to increase the heat intensity in your own room. If you want to keep the temperature of your room as low as possible, you need to follow this simple tip. Turning off the light is proven to be very effective to help you maintain the overall room temperature effectively and easily.

5. Utilize all fans in your unit properly
When you want to get a lot of benefits from your air conditioner, you need to utilize all fans inside this device. You should install several fans, in order to improve the air circulation in your room. Good air circulation can help you circulate the overall cool air inside your space evenly. When the cool air can be distributed inside your room easily, you can save electricity from your air conditioner unit effectively. Some aircon units come with powerful fans that can help you improve the cool air distribution easily.

6. Rearrange the furniture position
This is another great tip for you who want to get all benefits from your air conditioner. Improper furniture position can affect the overall air circulation system inside your room. Therefore, you need to learn about how you can rearrange the furniture position correctly. You should have some empty spaces inside your room, in order to maintain the performance of your air conditioner. Some empty spaces can help you save electricity of your air conditioner because your unit is able to function normally and effectively.

7. Use portable unit
Not many people know about this secret. When you want to save electricity and energy from your aircon unit, you should take a look at this simple tip. You can use portable unit for improving the overall performance of your air conditioner. Most portable units usually spend less energy than any other regular air conditioners. Therefore, you should consider using this portable unit, especially if you want to save electricity in your property. You can find any types of portable units that are available on the marketplace these days. If you have small space in your property, you can consider using this portable unit today.

8. Replace the air filter regularly
If you want to save the electricity cost from using your air conditioner, you need to check your air filter inside this device frequently. When your air filter is broken, it is not able to filter the air effectively. It is recommended for you to check this part of your air conditioner at least once in every 4 - 6 months. Replacing this filter with the new one can help you improve the effectiveness of your air conditioner. When you follow this simple tip, you should be able to reduce the overall energy level in your air conditioner unit properly.

When you want to get a lot of benefits from your air conditioner, you need to learn about how to increase the efficiency of your unit properly. You can follow some of those simple tips, in order to improve the efficiency of your unit. When it is necessary, you also need to hire the best aircon service company in Singapore. This service is ready to help you restore the overall function of your air conditioner in your property. You need to select the best company that can help you fix any problems on your air conditioner effectively.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

6 Useful Tips On How To Choose Energy Saving Aircon

Air conditioners are a must, especially during summer. It makes your home or office cool and comfortable, even though the temperature outside if very hot. However, it's also important to ensure that, despite the fact that you're using your AC quite often, you're not going to use much electricity. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best energy-saving air conditioner unit.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Size
Without a doubt, a smaller AC unit is considered to be a lot cheaper and easier to install as compared to the standard size. Likewise, there are numerous studies supporting that smaller ACs have lesser energy consumption that can be as much as 50%. These studies also reported that oversized ACs usually have the risk of running intermittently that results in a reduction of efficiency, lesser temperature and humidity control, as well as shortening the unit's life. Thus, it's advisable to always consult a contractor that specializes in home energy efficiency in order to determine the ideal size of AC that will be perfect for your home.

Tip #2: Check the Labels
Most major electronics, appliances, and lighting must meet the specific energy standards given by the US Department of Energy. If you're not familiar with this, energy use, as well as efficiency are usually displayed on the yellow “EnergyGuide” label of the appliance.

Don't forget to compare and estimate the annual operating costs of various models in order to determine which one is the most efficient. Likewise, it's often stated in the appliance how much energy is expected to be consumed on an annual basis. Aside from that EnergyGuide, the “Energy Star” logo will also be displayed, especially if the particular model is qualified for such.

Furthermore, the summer season is when the electricity bills usually spike up, because there's a need to use the unit a lot more often. Air conditioners consume the maximum amount of power, but it's still possible to buy an energy efficient AC that consumes lesser power. Thus, if you're planning to invest in an AC during the summer, it's important to also check the star rating coming from the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency).

This rating will help determine which AC will help you lessen the power consumption, while saving energy and being environment-friendly at the same time. In Singapore, an air conditioner runs for around 253 days in an average year. The BEE rates appliances from 1-5 stars and a 5-star AC is considered to be the most energy efficient, because it consumes the lowest amount of energy-- which only implies that you'll be able to save a lot in your electricity bills.

Tip #3: Compare National Efficiency Standards
The efficiency of a conventional AC unit is often measured by the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), but can also be measured through the EER rating (Energy Efficiency Ratio). It's advisable to opt for an AC unit that has a SEER rating of 14, but it'll be better if it's higher, because the most efficient central air conditioners have ratings that goes as much as 24.5 SEER.

Tip #4: Choose the Right Type
- Central Air Conditioning
Just like the name, central air conditioning units have the ability of delivering cool air to an entire room or office. This has been possible because of the ventilation ducts attached to it. Even though this is one of the popular types, central air conditioning units weren't available in Singapore till the 1970s.

Tip #5: Usage
Opt for air conditioners that have a timer facility. This is very important, especially if you leave your home quite often. You can just set the timer to start the machine 30 minutes before you return. By doing so, you'll be able to conserve energy, but still enjoy a nicely cooled home. Likewise, don't make your home too cold, and always ensure that it's possible to set the temperature around 22 Celsius for a very comfortable environment.

Tip #6: Other Features That You Should Consider
- Reverse Cycle
If you're not aware, most split system air conditioners have the option of heating and cooling. Thus, with this kind of unit, you'll be able to enjoy a refreshingly cool temperature during summer, and a warm comfortable temperature during winter.

- Air PurifierThis is the filtration system that restricts harmful pollutants from spreading all over the room. With this, a cleaner and more environment can be enjoyed within your home. Likewise, there are some air conditioners that have an air purifying function, and this is a great feature that you should look out for, especially if some people living in your home suffers from allergies.

- Fan Speed
Most air conditioners allow the users to choose from different fan speeds, that will with their needs.

- Sleep Mode
Sleep mode is specifically to help the users enjoy a peaceful slumber at night. This is perfect, especially for hot summer nights where you usually sweat and feel uncomfortable.

- Odor Removing Function
Most models have an air purifying function that will ensure that there won't be any kind of odor lingering in your room, such as pet odors and the smell of mildew.

- Eco Mode
Ensure that your energy bills will remain constant and very affordable. This can easily be done with the help of the eco-mode feature of most aircons.