Sunday, 2 October 2016

Choosing The Right Aircon For HDB

Aircons are probably one the most indispensable appliances in the modern world today. With global warming on the rise, choosing the most appropriate aircon for your home becomes more of a priority than a luxury - especially when you’re in Singapore. The climate here is very erratic and to add to that there are no distinct seasons making it harder to predict the type of cooling required. To address this issue, we’ve come with a deep, part of by part buying guide to help you make the right choices. Without picking into brands and models, we’re going to dissect into the components and focus more on the functionality.

Choosing a good aircon always boils down to two major points: 

Cooling requirements - Generally addressing the area and the working conditions.
Power Consumption - Calculating and dealing with your energy savings and expenditure.

Let’s analyze these two core points one by one now. Here’s everything you need to know while choosing the right aircon for your HDB:

Getting To Know Different Variants

Before you zero in on a particular type of an aircon, it’s better to have a background of what's on offer in the market. Each system offers unique advantages over others that fit various specific needs to a greater or lesser extent.

The most commonly used air conditioning systems today can be grouped into two basic categories:

Direct Download: Usually found in the split or window forms, these aircons are ideal for all kinds of applications. It also has the ability to cool the environment pretty quickly. A notable product in this line would be the Carrier five stages split type filtering aircon. This system improves air quality around you by disposing particles of mold, mites and other allergens. In other news, the firm also launched the Split team Xpower with an additional Inverter which saves up to 40% energy without having any harmful impacts on the ozone layer.

Air conditioning Ducts: When pre planned, aircon ducts can be supplied to every unit of the apartment by laying out duct injections and return grilles in different locations. This allows an even distribution of air in all environments, greater energy savings and an optimal use of space since the grids are generally hidden in the ceiling. As for the calculation pertaining to heat requirements, it is advisable to use a thermal balance. If you use a thermal balance then you can know the effectiveness of this and you would be satisfied at the effectiveness of a thermal balance.

In any case, you can make an estimate of kilocalories required for an environment with a simple multiplication:

Volume of Environment (height x width x length) x 55 (standard coefficient for moderately hot environments) = number of kilocalories required

Power And Energy Efficiency 

It is important to know what your device will consume depending on your needs. More importantly, you’d want the device to turn off once the optimal temperature is achieved.

The power of the equipment is determined by the square footage of the room. For example, for a room of 30m2 we need an apparatus of about 3,48W / h 4,65W / h respectively. To know the consumption of the appliance, look into energy efficiency labelling of the model.

Now, when you’re out shopping for your device, you’d obviously want to choose a system that is efficient. After all, you’re going to save on electricity bills, and contribute positively to the environment.

To calculate consumption of the appliance, you have to divide the power rating of your device by the SEER code (to produce cold air) or the SCOP (to produce hot air) - depending upon the requirements.

Calculate approximately 100 to 140 kilocalories per m2, depending on whether your house is more or less protected from the cold and heat. For example, in a room of 20 m2 facing south, located in a region where temperatures often exceed 30 degrees, try calculating 140 kilocalories per m2. The result would be 3250W or 2800 FR.

Tips For Optimal Operation And Care

Once you’ve decided on your brand and model, getting it installed wouldn’t be a problem. The care you take while operating and maintaining it would go a long way in ensuring a long shell life for your aircon. Here are some tips on getting the best out of any device:

Remember, during the evenings you don't really require the same level of cooling. Take a stab at turning your AC down amid your rest hours or a hour or two preceding bed.

The cellar is generally the coolest room in the home, so it would make sense to shut down all the vents in the lower part of your home. The cool air will lurk down there actually and by shutting those vents, you're driving all the air up top.

Always keep your ducts in check. By constantly keeping in check with the vents and protecting them, you can be sure that the air coming in is as cool as it can be. Paying for half cool air isn't anybody's concept of cash well spent!

Place your furniture with adequate gaps for better cooling effects. Furniture that hinders aerating and cooling vents implies you could cool the back of a seat or the base side of your couch and despite running your aircon at highest cooling settings. It’s okay to revamp things once in a while.

Don’t ever leave your aircon on when you’re away - this is a common habit that burns many pockets around the world. The least you could do is to ensure the windows and curtains are shut. In spite of the fact that it will be hot for a couple of minutes when you return home, the blinds will keep out the sun out, so all that cooling at least won’t be for nothing.


If you’re not really sure about what you’re doing, it's always better to consult an expert and invite them over to your place for a survey. They take into account all the variables that contribute to a suitable cooling temperature and suggest the best equipment according to the area and habits of use. Also, do a good research online. Setting up an aircon system at your place is a big step - and it's expensive. Make sure that you make it count.

Friday, 16 September 2016

When Is The Right Time To Choose Aircon Overhaul?

If you are living in Singapore, you must appreciate the great and wonderful role played by Aircons (commonly referred to as air conditioners). Indeed, the humidity levels in Singapore are quite high in most parts of the country, which means that most households have to use aircons throughout the year. Just like any other electronic device, extensive use of air conditioners lowers their lifespan since they become more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, measures of making sure that air conditioners last longer need to be put in place, and the ultimate option for doing so is by making sure that it is always in the right condition. Equally, it is important to carry out regular check-up, servicing, and repairs whenever you notice any signs of device malfunctioning. The good news is that there’re several aircon-servicing companies who are there to make sure you have hassle free air conditioners repairs and servicing. Indeed, the best place to get the above-mentioned service is none other than the

Nevertheless to say, there comes a time when you need to have to scrap away the air conditioner that you had been using and get another one. Indeed, most Singaporeans have been faced with the challenge of knowing the right time that they need to choose aircon overhaul rather than continuously visit the air conditioner specialist for repairs and servicing.

If the above has been pondering your mind, then worry no more since this article has good news for you as it unveils an ultimate schedule that shows the right time you should consider replacing your air conditioning device. The following are eminent:

1. When the refrigerant continuously leaks
A good air conditioner must have the optimal amount of refrigerant in it. However, there are some cases when your aircon is low on refrigerant. This abnormal condition arises either if the aircon leaks or it was undercharged during installation. If it leaks, the best solution is of course, getting a well-trained technician from a reputed aircon-servicing company to fix it. Remember that the efficiency and performance of any air conditioner are optimal when the refrigerant charged matches exactly to the specification of the manufacturer. In other words, it should not be undercharged or overcharged. If your aircon keeps on leaking every other time, it could be tedious. In addition, you need to note that a refrigerant leak is harmful to the environment. Imagine a situation when the humidity is quite high and your living room is filled with harmful leaks from your aircon! It is actually dramatizing and the best alternative is to choose an aircon overhaul.

2. When your aircon lacks adequate maintenance
As stated earlier in the introductory section, if you need your air conditioner to last longer, then you are supposed to maintain regular checkups and maintenance. Indeed, if you allow air conditioning coils and filters to become dirty for a long time, then there are high chances that the whole device will not work properly. In the worst case conditions, the compressor, or fans may fail prematurely. Therefore, if some of the above major parts of your aircon are no longer functioning, then there is no need to repair it since buying spares will be more costly than getting a new air conditioner. In this regard, you are advised to choose an aircon overhaul as the ultimate solution.

3. When your utility bills are abnormally high
Well, energy consumption of home appliance is of great concern to many households in Singapore. Indeed, any buyer at an electronic store would consider buying a device whose power ratings are quite low while delivering optimal services as well. In this regard, a spike in electricity bills for your air conditioner typically signals poor operation. Ideally, when the aircon filter is dirty or when the condenser is choked, more power will be used, which means an increase in operating cost. You can try to fix it, but if the problem persists, then you can choose aircon overhaul.

4. When the AC Unit of the Aircon refuses to kick on
You might be wondering what has happened to your air conditioner when the AC Unit fails to kick on despite the fact that you have been servicing and maintaining your device. Well, if an aircon shows the above sign, then it is most certain that it has burnt-out compressor. Indeed, when a compressor is out of order, the AC Unit will never run. The only way to fix such a condition is a costly replacement of the worn-out equipment, which requires some other various small parts and Freon. In addition to costly equipment, the labor charge for this service is too high, and the total cost of fixing the problem is approximately $700 to $1,900. Therefore, if you consider the cost of fixing burnt-out compressor, it might be wise to choose an aircon overhaul.

5. When weird noises are heard during startup and operation
Have you ever heard buzzing, rattling, or ticking sounds coming out of your air conditioner when you try to start it up or during operation? If yes, then you might be wondering what could be the cause and the possible solution. In most cases, the weird noises can caused by loose screws fixed on some parts of the device. If this is the case, then the solution is just simple since you need to tighten the loose screw. On the hand, the bad news is that the abnormal noises could be caused by a bent fan blade (for outdoors) or burnt blower (for indoors). Indeed, the only possible solution for this case is to get a new fan blade or fan motor respectively. Actually, replacing this equipment is not only costly, but it also requires trained aircon experts who offer the service at a higher price. In this regard, it is better to consider choosing an air conditioner overhaul.


Is the challenge of knowing the right time to choose an aircon overhaul still facing you? Well, if you consider all of the above, then you will be sure of knowing when to consider a complete air conditioner overhaul.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

What Causes Strange Noise In Aircon?

 An airconditioner significantly contributes to keeping any home in Singapore as comfortable as it can be. However, when it strays from its regular quiet performance and starts to make unusual noises, the aircon can become really annoying such that it becomes troublesome.

What's really causing the strange noise is often the condenser or the aircon fan. The condenser is one of the major parts of an AC system that functions to cool the vapor that passes through. It typically looks like ordinary coils, and are the same types that are utilized for refrigerators. The fan may also be another cause, which is responsible for making certain the air circulated in the room is cool. It is situated behind a set of vents and the fan can malfunction over time.

The strange sounds could be due to several things involving a number of different AC components. Here are 10 possible reasons of a noisy airconditioner which must not be overlooked:

1. Reduced Efficiency.
When an AC unit is not performing with optimal efficiency, it tends to make weird noises. Drastic changes in the temperature can contribute whereby it has to work harder to cool the room under very hot weather which causes the fan to rattle. For enhanced efficiency, one way to solve noise problems is by insulating the air ducts in fiberglass, a flexible and strong kind of glass that does not conduct or radiate heat. This helps control temperature changes and prevents the air conditioner from emitting noises. An air conditioner technician can likewise install acoustic liners wherein rubber pads are installed between the metal duct and wooden frame surfaces in order to absorb the pressure when the metal expands or contracts. Thus, unnecessary noises caused by metal knocking onto the frame is eliminated.

2. Air Flow and Supply Problems.
The air conditioner fan works to suck in hot air and cool it down to be circulated in the room it covers. The air passes through an air filter which does the task of removing tiny particles such as dust, hair, fur, and even molds that could be floating in the air. Thus, the air you breathe is rendered clean and pure. Regular maintenance of the air filter is essential, as well as blower wheels, which entails routine cleaning and replacing as necessary. Otherwise, the impurities will eventually get it clogged and cause the AC system to exert more hardwork than it normally should and emit rattling noises.

3. Overheated Compressor.
This important part is considered as the heart of an AC unit and overheating can damage the system and cause it to breakdown. This can occur when it is functioning and operating beyond its normal limits, due to reasons such as the aforementioned dirty air filters. Worse, it can become irreparable when leaks are present and the compressor, or your whole airconditioning system would have to be replaced so soon. It leads to a faulty and risky unit that comes with an added expense.

4. Low Gas Level. Once the gas level ends up very low, the evaporator coil can freeze and after some time, it's not uncommon for occasional noise to be heard.

5. Bent Fan Blades.
Sometimes fan blades can get bent, which then leads to brushing across the condenser and very loud noises come out into the room.

6. Faulty Supply Registers.
Air conditioners are built with supply registers or vents which are designed to cover the supply inlet. There are three types, namely, diffusers, registers and grilles. When any of the vents are broken or becomes loose, they can produce annoying noises. Also, Air supply vents should also be kept open to let air flow better and avoid making loud noises.

7. Blockage in the Compressor.
One reason an aircon unit's condenser releases loud noises into the room where it is installed is blockage that's formed in the compressor. This can be due to very low temperatures, and the water which the compressor yields transforms into ice. This results to water finding its way out of the condenser, which ultimately leads to a major problem when a blockage occurs aside from the annoying noise it produces.

8. Closed Duct Dampers.
Duct dampers are crucial in an air conditioner unit, which functions to control the direction by which conditioned air flows throughout the home. Closing some of the dampers and opening some of them creates the ideal setting, but if too many are closed, the AC unit can rattle and create strange noises.

9. Poorly Designed Duct Networks.
Badly designed ducts can be the cause of a rattling and noisy system, whereas the ducts that provide the return air supply of the AC can actually have kinks. This poorly made portion can prevent the aircon from acquiring ample air the machine needs and cause weird noises. The air conditioner can also become noisy during operation if there are debris, dirt, dust, stones, toys, screws, or nails in the duct. Once the air conditioner is turned on, these materials will naturally rattle and the sound can echo around the house. Resolving this matter is as simple as cleaning the ducts regularly and checking for anything that shouldn't be in the ducts.

10. Neglecting Proper Maintenance.
Strange aircon noises can be caused by the smallest problems like loose screws or vents, which can be immediately spotted and quickly addressed if regular maintenance is observed. Ensure that your air conditioning system gets serviced at least once a year, and it'll go a long way in saving your hard-earned money in the future and saving yourself from the frustration and great discomfort of a noisy AC unit. Proper maintenance keeps your air conditioner in its best condition towards maximum efficiency in its performance, keeping energy bills intact, and utmost protection of your investment.

Whichever problem is causing the noise your airconditioner produces, it's best to seek the help of his licensed and certified HVAC technicians. Their expertise and experience guarantees you an accurate diagnosis, and determine what can resolve the issue outright to let you break-free from an annoying noisy AC unit. Whichever can be repaired will be repaired, and whatever needs to be replaced will be replaced, and everything will be fixed at the right price.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Aircon 101 - Daikin Split Unit

A Daikin Split Unit is today's perfect choice for air conditioning any room or a specific area in both residences and business places in Singapore. It's a practical way to make the room you're in very comfortable for you and your family, employees and clients alike. The Daikin Company has built its reputation as maker of high-quality, reliable, flexible, energy and cost-efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. In addition to these stellar features, the brand likewise provides excellent backup services from highly competent staff and maintenance team.

People are given great choices when it comes to what suits their household or office best. Daikin offers the single split type, multi-split, and multi-talented VRV-S system, altogether infused with intelligent capabilities to meet your standards. Discover which Daikin Split Unit solution is the right one for your needs:

Single-zone Air Conditioner

The Daikin Split single-zone system is a fantastic alternative to the bulky box-types and those annoying, noisy backyard compressors. Daikin presents streamlined systems, whether wall-mounted indoor or compact outdoor units for one room or an entire wing. Not only does the system run quietly to your convenience, but the air conditioner itself blends well with any home layout design. The craftsmanship and classy build of each equipment adds instant elegance to any room. It impressively covers up to 1,000 sq. ft. relative to its space-saving modular design.

Dual-zone Air Conditioner

Thinking of a 2-room addition or undertaking a large area in your home renovation? Perhaps you want to achieve different temp levels in 2 separate rooms, such as a nursery or garage office, at once? Then double your comfort with the multi-split system which boasts a smart, reliable, duct-free Daikin Split Unit system. Pioneered by the company, this air conditioning solution is now used worldwide.

The Multi-Split unit is ideal as well when the space is limited outdoors or there is insufficient ducting space in the ceiling. The ratio would be one outdoor equipment to two indoor units. This simple yet truly powerful combination arises from the robust outdoor multi-split compressor which was primarily created to cover two zones through the two separate indoor systems.

Without the need for major tedious duct work, it can be implemented in any home or business quickly and easily. Like the single-zone system, noisy backyard compressors and bulky window boxes are unnecessary. It also has the same wall-mounted streamlined design that would complement any interior, only you get the benefits of having two in one.

Multi-zone Air Conditioning

The Daikin multi-zone solution has built-in intelligence that provides you with independent zoning control. It allows you to condition up to 5 zones and gain maximum flexibility matched with energy savings. The space-saving, multi-talented VRV-S system's ability to connect 5 indoor units to just one outdoor unit is ideal for homes with many rooms in Singapore, multi-family townhouses, as well as commercial projects like retail stores or small offices. Each compact air conditioner operates independently to generate your desired temperature and level of comfort, right where you need it.

The Daikin Split Unit Advantage

Automatic, Individual Control

Set the room’s temperature level and the split system will automatically maintain your preferences. It does so individually for each room if your have it installed in two up to five different zones, making constant, subtle adjustments towards ensuring your utmost comfort. The split unit aircon can even be set up to heat amidst sub-freezing temperatures. The remote control it comes with lets you change desired settings at the mere touch of a button. What's more, the system can be programmed while you’re away and have a cool environment or warm welcome greet you once you enter home sweet home, or set off to working through the day.

Save Energy, Save Money

Unlike conventional air-conditioning systems, the type that shuts themselves off upon reaching a set temperature, the Daikin Split Unit runs continuously as it maintains an energy-conserving status. This constant action that avoids excessive heating or cooling during the process is what makes you quite comfortable. To top it off, it helps cut down on energy consumption and there's no worries on receiving dreadful energy bills.

Space Saving Modular Design

Daikin is an exceptional choice for people in Singapore who are looking for an air conditioner that will not obstruct the room's surroundings. The pleasing design of the units can actually enhance any room, while not eating up a huge amount of space. The smooth surface design of flat panel models can be wiped clean and the front panel would easily come off for more thorough cleaning.

Advanced Technology

The technology split units are built upon renders a system that lets people get the most out of their air conditioner, while keeping energy consumption and running costs at a minimum. Advanced inverter technologies and heat pump technologies attain greater efficiency and gives you bigger energy savings. It runs powerfully yet in an extremely quiet manner, which applies on the unit inside the home and the outdoor unit which makes you a very considerate neighbor.
Purifying Filters

Air-purifying filters in the Daikin Split Unit help trap airborne microscopic particles, which could be triggers of allergies and asthma, in order to keep the air fresh and clean. Some models have a photo catalytic deodorizing function, made to decompose odors, neutralize bacteria and prevent viruses from circulating in the home.

Flexible Installation

Daikin systems are duct-free, another feature which makes it stand out from conventional models. Thus, they take less of your valuable time and efforts to install.

Extensive Lineup of Products

The Daikin ensemble is comprised of a wide range of products, giving Singaporeans varied options to meet their air conditioning needs in the household or at work, including corporate and industrial requirements. Daikin Split Systems have been designed and customized to suit different needs, whereby you are bound to find the best style and performance to match your interior space among their broad selection of models .

The aforementioned features and types of solutions are some attributes which made Daikin the most trusted name in Singapore. No wonder, it's a popular choice for renovations, home additions, new projects, construction, and commercial ventures. The high-capacity, top-performing, cutting edge Daikin Split Unit air conditioners offer unrivaled qualities and energy savings every homeowner and business owners would be delighted to see.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

How To Service VRV Aircon?

Do you know about the VRV Aircon? Do you know it is more appreciated in Singapore? VRV aircon comes with many developed technologies such as the precise individual control, adaptable design, minimum energy consumption, inverter technology, flexibility layout, and much more that can help you to enjoy this technology comfortably. The good thing about the VRV aircon is that it comes with the individual control that allows the individual to regulate the climate control settings for the each zone that will provide the user utmost comfort.

In the Singapore, you cannot live without an aircon as it is considered as one of the prime requirements. In Singapore, you will have to struggle with the excessive heat throughout the year. And the aircon can give you respite from that heat. You will get many developed aircon in the Singapore as the demand for this machine is more. But if you want the best technology then you will have to consider some of the important factors such as the durability, accessibility, energy consumption, and the price. And the VRV aircon meets all the above all the requirements. You can use this aircon for a longer time with proper maintenance.

It is not important to buy a good aircon only; you also need to maintain it properly for the long use. Maintenance is required to maintain the performance of your aircon. Moreover, it also minimizes the energy consumption. You should not go by the thought that your aircon is working properly so you do not need to spend money on the maintenance. In fact, if you will not do servicing regularly you might be ended up paying more in the repairing. Another thing is that servicing can fix the minor problems and can avoid any major damage.

Without maintenance, it can also affect the quality of the air. When it is not cleaned and maintained properly, it can demand more energy for the running. The power consumption will be more and the lifespan of your device will be shorter. Just imagine the cost of the repairing. That will be much higher than the servicing. In some cases, if you ignore the servicing, you might need to replace your aircon, and the cost will obviously hurt your budget as it does not come at fewer prices. You will have to spend a huge amount to buy a new VRV aircon. This is not about the VRV aircon only; every aircon needs proper maintenance and servicing for the longevity and smooth functioning. After buying the aircon the first thing you should focus on is the maintenance. For achieving this end, you need a servicing regularly.

How to Service VRV Aircon

Aircon servicing cannot be done without proper knowledge and skill. If you try to do it on your own, you will damage your aircon. Hence, it is better to take the help of a certified aircon professional to accomplish this job. You will get wide options for the aircon servicing in Singapore. You just need to be a little careful while choosing the right service. If you choose the wrong one, it cannot help you much.

While considering an aircon service, you need to focus on some important factors. You just need to ensure that your preferred service is experienced, certified, and they have a good reputation in the industry. After inquiring about all the above factors, you need to choose the one that meets your expectation and comes within your budget.

Which area needs more attention?
Your aircon fans, filter, and other parts become dirty after using it for a long time as the result of the drawing in and blowing out the air. Moreover, the bacteria builds up inside and the quality of the air will be compromised. And a poorly maintained aircon also affects the heating process. And in that case, your machine will have to work harder to maintain the required temperature.

If you maintain it regularly, it will not break down suddenly. During the servicing, the professional will focus more on the water accumulation, drain pipe blockage, aircon leakage, and its cooling process. If they will find some issues in these areas, they will fix the issue and the expenses will not be more. The servicing might be a normal cleaning or complicated aircon overhaul. If you do the servicing regularly, you might not need to spend more on the replacement of the parts.

How to do the servicing 
The certified and experienced services use different types of the servicing for your VRV aircon. They can clean the aircon by different types of the cleaning such as the chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, simple cleaning, and the mixture of both chemical and steam cleaning. Which cleaning will suit you more that depend on the condition of your aircon. If it is a new one and the condition is good, then it might need a simple cleaning. If it is dirty and is not cleaned for a long time, you might need chemical cleaning or steam cleaning.

Frequency of the servicing
The frequency of the servicing will depend on the usage. If you use it regularly every day then you might need a simple cleaning in every three months. If you do not use it regularly then you can afford to service in every five months. If you use it every day and most of the time then the servicing need to be done once in every month. Any further delay can compromise the quality of the air.

Monthly cleaning and maintenance servicing is simple. And you will not have to spend more for this process in the Singapore. The monthly servicing includes some basics such as the quality of the air, cleaning, strange noise odor, light indicator, and cooling effects. If you want some major changes, you will have to spend more.
You will find many aircon services in the Singapore. You can choose any of the licensed and certified services to maintain your VRV aircon for a long time. If you want to use it for a longer time without any difficulty then consider monthly servicing.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Panasonic Inverter Deluxe Dual-Split Series CU-2S18PKZ Review

Hot and humid weather can be mentally and physically draining. It drains out all the energies and also makes you feel stressed. If you are staying in a very hot and humid place like Singapore, then it is very important to buy an air conditioner wisely. A perfect aircon can be highly beneficial for you and you will be able to enjoy the summer fully without being stressed or exhausted. First and foremost thing people do after coming back to home on a hot and humid summer day, is to switch on the A.C. And if it cannot provide you with instant cooling and comfort then it is a waste. You can rely on the Panasonic Inverter Deluxe Dual-Split Series CU-2S18PKZ for such efficiency.

What Are The Key Features?

There are some great features of this air conditioner which can be really beneficial for you. The Econavi and Inverter together work intelligently and provide the best cooling experience. It adopts with your way of living and thus optimizes the operation of the A.C accordingly to provide the best energy saving experience. Here are some of the key features of this air conditioner:

· Energy Saving Feature: It has total 5 features that will help you to save energy up to 38 %. These are area search, sunlight detection, absence detection, activity detection and temperature wave. Thus with the help of these detection capabilities it adjusts its cooling power and efficiency accordingly. Thus you can save a lot on your energy bills.

· Powerful Cooling: When you come home and switch on the aircon you will of course want instant powerful cooling. With the help of this Panasonic Inverter Deluxe Dual-Split Series CU-2S18PKZ you can get such cooling as soon as you start it.

· Constant Cooling: With the help of this feature, you can get constant and comfortable cooling experience throughout. It has that intelligent technology to adapt to different rooms and match with different occupancy levels. Thus it will provide you with the best and most comfortable cooling experience.

· Air purification: The advanced air purification system in this air conditioner is really great and highly efficient. It is capable of catching all the harmful micro-organisms from the air and traps it. Even with the help of nano-technology, it can clean the fine particles and purify your room from any micro-organisms including bacteria and virus and deactivates them.

· Activity Detection: Since this air conditioner can detect activities in the room. When you are involved in high activities such as workout or exercises, it will increase the cooling power automatically. Thus it will be highly comfortable for you to adjust according to the intensity of activities. You will never feel uncomfortable when this A.C is switched on.

Why To Buy This?

In Singapore, the weather is very hot and humid and it stays the same almost throughout the year. That is why, it is very important to buy an air conditioner which is highly efficient in cooling. You also have to keep in mind that due to the humid weather condition, the growth of molds is very high. Thus an air conditioner which can kill all the germs and bacteria causing molds is the best. The Panasonic Inverter Deluxe Dual-Split Series CU-2S18PKZ is one such aircon. You can stay tension free with the great nano-technology. All the airborne particles like virus, bacteria, mold etc are deactivated by this technology.

Even after coming back home after the whole day of hectic work, you will need an instant cooling to get most comfortable environment. With the great instant cooling technology you will get the best cooling experience. Within a few minutes after the startup you will get the comfortable cool air which will help you to unwind thoroughly. Thus you need to make sure that you are buying this air conditioner for your house. Even the energy efficient feature will help you to save a lot of money from the energy saving bill. It also comes with a year warranty for the parts and also free 1 year servicing.

The powerful cooling technology provides a great comfort to the users. You can get the most of the cooling experience and also get the best of the energy saving experience. Besides these, you will also be able to get a purified air which will not cause any kind of breathing problem in you. If you have babies and kids at home then this aircon is the best solution to provide a healthy environment. The sensors are highly powerful which can easily detect the activities and presence of the persons in a particular room and adjust the temperature according to that.


- Its energy efficient technology is highly beneficial
- It can control the temperature according to the activities and occupancy.
- It also purifies the air and helps to get rid of the bacteria, virus, molds and other fine particles.
- The constant maintenance of optimal temperature provides comfortable temperature according to the surroundings. You will not face the problem of too hot or too cold because of this.

- It is best for a room which is mediocre in size. It may not be highly efficient for the large rooms.


If you are searching for one of the best air conditioner for your house, then Panasonic Inverter Deluxe Dual-Split Series CU-2S18PKZ is the best option. This aircon has some great benefits because of the key features it offers. All the features are really great and provide the best cooling experience to the people. It ensures you stay comfortable throughout. Even when you are exhausted and switch on the air condition, it will provide you with powerful instant cooling. Because of this, you will be able to get most of the comfortable experience and enjoy the summers thoroughly. This is a great innovation by Panasonic and compared to its other models it is highly improved and designed for the best. Even if you compare this A.C with the models of other brands having same features, you can find this as the best one.

Monday, 14 March 2016

What Plants Keep Your House Cool Naturally?

During the warmer summer months, many people spend a good portion of their time indoors. However, the hot summer heat can make your stay indoors unbearable unless you have air conditioning to keep you cool. Instead of using your aircon unit more often, you can resort to more natural ways of keeping your house cool and cut down your energy costs. Other than being environmentally-friendly, plants offer you a cheaper and natural alternative to cool down temperatures in your home.

Indoor plants are the perfect solution for anyone seeking to enhance indoor air quality by keeping the house cooler during warm summer months. Even though plants help by enhancing the d├ęcor of a house, they are also known to eliminate dangerous toxins that may be present in the air while lowering ambient temperatures. Note that plants can effectively control humidity in your home to optimal levels suitable for human health. If you are seeking a natural and inexpensive way of keeping your home cool when the summer heat becomes unbearable, consider growing the plants below.

1. Golden Pothos
Also commonly referred to as the Silver Vine or Devil’s Ivy, Golden Pothos easily outgrows its allotted space with multiplying stems and evergreen leaves. It is recommended as one of the best indoor plants because it improves air quality. If you would like to eliminate pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene from the atmosphere, then Golden Pothos is a clear winner. Unlike other plants, it only requires minimal watering in cold temperatures when exposed to partial sunshine.

2. Aloe Vera
It is commonly used worldwide for treatment of burns. Even so, only few individuals know about its ability to lower ambient temperatures. This makes it perfect for shielding yourself from the unbearable summer temperatures of Singapore. Other than that, the plant can effectively eliminate formaldehyde that may be present in the atmosphere while improving the air quality of your home. To enjoy the benefits the plant has to offer make sure the soil is well drained and allow soil to dry between watering.

3. Boston Fern
This is a highly decorative indoor plant. Apart from being a natural humidifier, it additionally purifies air by getting rid of formaldehyde including numerous other toxins. In fact, Boston Fern is classified as being the best plant with air purifying abilities. The plant thrives in conditions of bright light and soil that is damp, although it can also flourish in poor light conditions or drought.

4. Snake Plant
Also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, the Snake Plant is suitable for the bedroom. Even though most plants take in oxygen at nightfall, the Snake plant will often do the opposite. The plant releases oxygen at nightfall. As a result, you can breathe in the oxygen as it also maintains cooler temperatures inside your home. Other than that, the plant absorbs toxins like formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, xylene, benzene, trichloroethylene and toluene. The plant is also preferred by many as the care procedure is not so demanding. Snake plant adapts well to low light conditions and minimal or irregular watering. Moreover, its requirements during winter periods are even less. To get the most in terms of oxygen output from the plant, grow at least 8 waist-high Snake plants in your home.

5. Ficus Tree
This plant is also commonly referred to as the weeping fig. The plant can effectively eliminate toxins present in the atmosphere while leaving your home smelling and feeling fresh. The ficus tree also keeps your home cool as well. However, to get the most cooling benefits from the plant, remember to put in a location in your home that receives sufficient amounts of sunshine. So, locations near windows would be perfectly suited for the weeping fig. The plant additionally requires very minimal water to thrive.

6. Areca Palm
The Areca palm is among the most common plants in living rooms. Although it is widely used for decorative purposes, it serves really well as a cleanser of air. According to studies conducted by experts, the Areca Palm tree plays a critical role in boosting the humidity levels and cooling temperatures in the home. Apart from cooling temperatures indoors, the plant effectively eliminates toxins that include formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and benzene from the atmosphere. Choose Areca palm plants with thicker trunks around the base. The ones that have got less than an inch of diameter are very challenging to maintain.

7. Baby Rubber Plant
The Baby Rubber plant cleanses the air inside a home by producing high amounts of oxygen while removing toxins from the atmosphere. To enjoy the cooling effects of the plant, grow it in moist rich soil. Also, make sure the plant is kept in a location that experiences filtered sunlight. Like most of the plants on this list, the Baby Rubber plant can easily survive irregular watering.

Additional Benefits of Growing Plants Indoors

Other than the cooling effects of indoor plants commonly grown for their ability to keep the home environment cool, the plants also provide the following additional benefits as well.

- Provide an enhanced interior image that gives oozes of sophistication. Research also indicates that interiors with plants grown in pots are often perceived as being more expensive compared to those with no plants.

- The plants can help reduce stress, worry and depression. When you breathe in healthier cleansed air, the effect is a general feeling of good health and well-being.

All the above additional benefits can greatly contribute good health and well-being. If you are finding it difficult to bear with the hot summer of Singapore, you can resort to growing indoor plants mentioned above to enjoy a cool home environment. Indoor plants with cooling effect lower the temperatures inside your house in a natural way, thus enabling you to enjoy a cooler environment even as you cut down on your energy costs. By growing these plants, you will only use your air conditioning system few times. So, consider having these plants in your home to get the most benefits from their cooling effects more naturally.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Why Is My Aircon Light Blinking?

In Singapore, a properly working aircon is the most important appliance for every individual. If you don’t have a properly working aircon, then you can have a really bad atmosphere in your house, office or other places. Also, this increased humidity and heat can make you ill as well. In case, you see any kind of blinking in your aircon light, then it is a clear sign of some problem in your aircon. There could be a number of reasons for this aircon light blinking and you can solve this problem only when you are aware of the root cause of the problem.

In case, you also have a question why is my Aircon light blinking and you are not sure about the reasons, then I am sharing some of the reasons and solutions to deal with this problem.

Check the circuit breaker: If you notice that your Aircon light is blinking and you are not getting cool air with it, then you should check your circuit breaker for same. Ideally, you only need to turn it off and then you need to turn it on to check if the problem is resolved or not. In most of the cases, this simple step could solve the problem or Aircon light blinking issues. This will not only save your time, but it will save your money as well that you can save by not calling an Aircon expert or technician. If you don’t have any kind of loos connection or similar issues, then this should solve the problem for you.

Check the wiring connection: Sometime you can have the problem of Aircon light blinking because of loose wiring connection. Many times a loose wiring could be the most basic cause of this issue and you can tighten the wiring using your hand or some basic tools. But when you join the wires back, then make sure you have proper understanding for same. If you have any doubt or you are not sure how to join it back properly then it is a wise idea that you hire a technician instead of doing the work by yourself. But if we talk about the cause or issues of Aircon light blinking then this could be one of the reasons. This wiring connection issue might seem silly for many people, but many times this is responsible for this issue.

Check coolant level: A drop of coolant in your Aircon can also cause of blinking issues. Your Aircon light may blink non-stop if it has a low amount of coolant in it. This low coolant will not only cause the blinking issue, but it can reduce the performance as well. In most of the cases, you may not get any cooling at all due to lack of refrigerant. In order to solve this issue, you should hire some expert or technician for solving the problem. When you would have enough coolant in it, then it will certainly stop the Aircon light blinking issue and it will also give better cooking in your house. Here, you need to understand that if you have issues in the coolant, then you can identify the problem, but you will need to hire an expert for the solution or gas filling because this work needs precision and special tools.

Check your remote: You Aircon remote can also help you get a lot of details for the solution of Aircon light blinking issue. When you would check your remote then you can find a test button on it. If you would press the test button, then it can check the issues and it can give related error code for this issue. Once you get the error code, then you can search it online or you can check the user manual for the solution of this problem. Ideally, you should be able to get the solution for this with manual or online options. But if you don’t get the solution for the error code and Aircon light blinking problem, then you can make a call to the company. When you would call the company or their call center, then they can explain the solution to this problem to you.

Check your settings: Sometimes you get the problem of Aircon light blinking because of improper setting. If you would set the temperature on very high or low setting then you can have this light blinking issues. Other than this, you can also have the problem because of improper setting such as fan mode. Reasons could be anything and it may vary from Aircon brands and your house. So, it is a wise idea that you check these setting and you solve the issues. If you have setting issues, then mostly circuit breaker will solve the issues for you and you would be able to have a great outcome with great ease.

In case, above solutions are not helping you and you are not able to get rid of the light blinking problem, then something could be serious inside your Aircon. This serious problem could be anything ranging from the deposition of dust in the Aircon or some malfunctioning in the system. This kind of problems needs experts’ advice for the solution of this issue. If you would try to solve the problem buy yourself, then you might not get any good outcome with it and you may damage your Aircon as well.

So, if you get blinking Aircon light and you are not able to get rid of it with any general methods, then hiring an expert is the only solution I would recommend. This will certainly help you have a good outcome and you will get a solution that is safe for you and gives better result to you. Also, it will be cost effective for you because if you will try to solve the problem by yourself, then you might make some damages in your Aircon and you can end up having more expenses instead of saving money. That is why you should take your decision for the solution of these problems in a wise manner.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

12 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Aircon

When people do the spring cleaning in their home, then they get so many visible benefits with it. It help them have better help, they get fresh feeling in the home and they get many other benefits similar to this. However a lot of people do not have any idea that spring cleaning can help your aircon as well. I am sure you want to know how this is possible and that is why I am sharing 12 reasons why spring cleaning can help your aircon.

Better maintenance: When you do the spring cleaning work, then most of the time you take the help of experts for your aircon maintenance as well. This is a thing that helps your aircon in the best possible manner. In a normal situation you may try to finish the maintenance work as soon as possible and you may ask your technician not to make any mess on your floor. But at the time of spring cleaning you do not worry about these things and he can do work with free hand. As a result of that you get better maintenance of your aircon.

Clean Air filter: Cleaning or replacement of your aircon filter is one thing that you always do during spring cleaning. This clean filter reduce load on your aircon and it gives much better result to you in easy ways. This cleaning of filter also increase the health of your family because they get fresh and clean air that too without any kind of complication or trouble. So we can say that is another benefit that you can have with this option.

Clean pipes: In your spring cleaning work you clean a lot of things that include aircon pipes as well. These aircon ducts or pipes can have a lot of complications in it and it can certainly affect the performance of your aircon as well. Spring cleaning can do the cleaning of this particular pipe and you will be able to have better result with utmost simplicity. Therefore, if I would consider this as one more benefit of this option, then that is not an exception in any ways.

Clean tray: The tray the collect the excess water of Aircon may get very dirty and normally people ignore to clean it. Over a period of time this tray can have various microbes in it which may not be good for health. Also, it can be a nesting place for mosquitos which are really harmful parasites and carry a lot of deadly diseases with them. In spring cleaning work you do not ignore this thing and you can get a lot benefits as well for your aircon.

Less deposition outside: If you have a lot of piling of unused stuff with you, then sometime you just stock it next to the outside unit of your aircon. This deposition of stuff next to outside unit of aircon can create many complications in your aircon as you may not get better air flow. However, when you do the spring cleaning work then you get rid of that pilling of stuff as well and you get fewer loads on your aircon. This also reduce load on your machine and you get the desired outcome with it 

Reduction of bad smell: When you have some kind of bad smell in your home, then your aircon need to work real hard for same. You can have this bad smell in your home because of dirty carpet, dirty tapestry and other complication. This bad smell affect the performance of your aircon and you get really less result with it. But your spring cleaning can help you do the cleaning of your carpet, curtain tapestry and other things. As a result of that you will not have bad smell in your home and you get benefit in your aircon.

Tightly sealed windows: If your window is not tightly closed then you may not get better cooling with your aircon. Also, it will give more load on it which is not good for the device. While you do spring cleaning work, then you simply check these leaks as well and you close the window gaps easily. As a result of that you get positive result on your aircon health.

Freedom from microbes: Spring cleaning can certainly remove all kind of microbes and harmful bacteria’s from your home. This will put less load on your aircon and you will be able to have really good result as well. So, I can say that is another benefit that you get with the help spring cleaning work.

Better electrical supplies: Your spring cleaning can also give information about all those loose electrical spots that can cause a short circuit or other complication in your system. These things can affect your aircon as well, but once you identify the issues during the cleaning process, then you can get rid of those issues as quickly as possible. So, you get good result with utmost simplicity.

Check for coolant leak: Normally you may miss the bad smell of coolant leak from your Aircon, but you can easily identify the same at the time of spring cleaning. If you notice any kind of coolant leak then you can instantly check the root cause, you can seal the leakage and you can top it up with coolant. That helps you get better performance form your aircon device.

Less dust in home: Your spring cleaning work can help you get rid of dust and dirt from your home. This lack of dust will certainly reduce the load on your aircon and that will help you get better performance from your aircon. Also, this lack of dust will help you get much better result in the performance and you will be able to have a really less complications in it. 

Long lasting life: This is the biggest benefit that you can have in your aircon with the help of spring cleaning service. Since, you will have very few complications in it and you will be able to get rid of possible causes that can reduce the life of your aircon. Hence, you will be able to have really long lasting life with the help of spring cleaning in a really easy way.