Thursday, 18 August 2016

What Causes Strange Noise In Aircon?

 An airconditioner significantly contributes to keeping any home in Singapore as comfortable as it can be. However, when it strays from its regular quiet performance and starts to make unusual noises, the aircon can become really annoying such that it becomes troublesome.

What's really causing the strange noise is often the condenser or the aircon fan. The condenser is one of the major parts of an AC system that functions to cool the vapor that passes through. It typically looks like ordinary coils, and are the same types that are utilized for refrigerators. The fan may also be another cause, which is responsible for making certain the air circulated in the room is cool. It is situated behind a set of vents and the fan can malfunction over time.

The strange sounds could be due to several things involving a number of different AC components. Here are 10 possible reasons of a noisy airconditioner which must not be overlooked:

1. Reduced Efficiency.
When an AC unit is not performing with optimal efficiency, it tends to make weird noises. Drastic changes in the temperature can contribute whereby it has to work harder to cool the room under very hot weather which causes the fan to rattle. For enhanced efficiency, one way to solve noise problems is by insulating the air ducts in fiberglass, a flexible and strong kind of glass that does not conduct or radiate heat. This helps control temperature changes and prevents the air conditioner from emitting noises. An air conditioner technician can likewise install acoustic liners wherein rubber pads are installed between the metal duct and wooden frame surfaces in order to absorb the pressure when the metal expands or contracts. Thus, unnecessary noises caused by metal knocking onto the frame is eliminated.

2. Air Flow and Supply Problems.
The air conditioner fan works to suck in hot air and cool it down to be circulated in the room it covers. The air passes through an air filter which does the task of removing tiny particles such as dust, hair, fur, and even molds that could be floating in the air. Thus, the air you breathe is rendered clean and pure. Regular maintenance of the air filter is essential, as well as blower wheels, which entails routine cleaning and replacing as necessary. Otherwise, the impurities will eventually get it clogged and cause the AC system to exert more hardwork than it normally should and emit rattling noises.

3. Overheated Compressor.
This important part is considered as the heart of an AC unit and overheating can damage the system and cause it to breakdown. This can occur when it is functioning and operating beyond its normal limits, due to reasons such as the aforementioned dirty air filters. Worse, it can become irreparable when leaks are present and the compressor, or your whole airconditioning system would have to be replaced so soon. It leads to a faulty and risky unit that comes with an added expense.

4. Low Gas Level. Once the gas level ends up very low, the evaporator coil can freeze and after some time, it's not uncommon for occasional noise to be heard.

5. Bent Fan Blades.
Sometimes fan blades can get bent, which then leads to brushing across the condenser and very loud noises come out into the room.

6. Faulty Supply Registers.
Air conditioners are built with supply registers or vents which are designed to cover the supply inlet. There are three types, namely, diffusers, registers and grilles. When any of the vents are broken or becomes loose, they can produce annoying noises. Also, Air supply vents should also be kept open to let air flow better and avoid making loud noises.

7. Blockage in the Compressor.
One reason an aircon unit's condenser releases loud noises into the room where it is installed is blockage that's formed in the compressor. This can be due to very low temperatures, and the water which the compressor yields transforms into ice. This results to water finding its way out of the condenser, which ultimately leads to a major problem when a blockage occurs aside from the annoying noise it produces.

8. Closed Duct Dampers.
Duct dampers are crucial in an air conditioner unit, which functions to control the direction by which conditioned air flows throughout the home. Closing some of the dampers and opening some of them creates the ideal setting, but if too many are closed, the AC unit can rattle and create strange noises.

9. Poorly Designed Duct Networks.
Badly designed ducts can be the cause of a rattling and noisy system, whereas the ducts that provide the return air supply of the AC can actually have kinks. This poorly made portion can prevent the aircon from acquiring ample air the machine needs and cause weird noises. The air conditioner can also become noisy during operation if there are debris, dirt, dust, stones, toys, screws, or nails in the duct. Once the air conditioner is turned on, these materials will naturally rattle and the sound can echo around the house. Resolving this matter is as simple as cleaning the ducts regularly and checking for anything that shouldn't be in the ducts.

10. Neglecting Proper Maintenance.
Strange aircon noises can be caused by the smallest problems like loose screws or vents, which can be immediately spotted and quickly addressed if regular maintenance is observed. Ensure that your air conditioning system gets serviced at least once a year, and it'll go a long way in saving your hard-earned money in the future and saving yourself from the frustration and great discomfort of a noisy AC unit. Proper maintenance keeps your air conditioner in its best condition towards maximum efficiency in its performance, keeping energy bills intact, and utmost protection of your investment.

Whichever problem is causing the noise your airconditioner produces, it's best to seek the help of his licensed and certified HVAC technicians. Their expertise and experience guarantees you an accurate diagnosis, and determine what can resolve the issue outright to let you break-free from an annoying noisy AC unit. Whichever can be repaired will be repaired, and whatever needs to be replaced will be replaced, and everything will be fixed at the right price.