Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Aircon Servicing In Singapore

There is nothing that does feels better than walking into a cool room that is air conditioned after being out in the hot sun. The warm sunshine in Singapore that lasts throughout the year has necessitated air conditioners (aircon) for virtually every family. Your aircon needs regular servicing in case you always want to kick back and relax as you cool off especially during the hot and humid times around the middle of the year. Below is what you may need to know about aircon servicing and how to get it done safely.

Why Service Your Aircon 

You may often think that aircon servicing is not a priority and so ignore it until it starts acting up. You may never know how important it is until you feel the pinch of the consequences. The reasons why you need to service your aircon regularly include the following

- To maintain the optimal performance of the aircon ensuring you are always comfortable despite the weather 
- Avoid high energy bills as a dysfunctional aircon uses up too much energy which is costly to you 
- To avoid breakdowns that will leave you exposed to the harsh weather until repairs come through 
- To increase your unit’s lifespan as wear and tear is minimised during servicing 
- Avoid problems like leakages that may mess up your ceiling that is adjacent to the aircon 

As shown, it is far much better to get the system serviced than wait for that fateful day when it starts to cause you problems. It may seem costly at first sight, but the costs incurred in the long run are way less than the expenditure for serious repairs and even replacement of the unit. So go ahead and think about servicing that will ensure your home stays in one season all year round.

Signs That Your Aircon Needs Servicing 

It is necessary to have regular servicing that may be quarterly or bi-monthly in case you use your aircon unit frequently. However, there are several signs to look out that literally pronounce to you that you need servicing as soon as possible. Watch out for the following:

- Excessive strange noises from your aircon means the compressor is dirty and thus produces excessive vibrations 
- When there is a reduced airflow from the vents way below average levels 
- When the aircon runs continuously despite it having an energy saving mode that makes it turn on and off automatically 
- When the air is not cooled as efficiently as before 
- When it turns on and off very frequently, the unit is not functioning properly 
- When you notice any leaks from the unit for instance on the ceiling adjacent to it 

In case you do notice any of the above signs, know that the unit needs to be serviced and so go ahead and book an appointment. The signs may be isolated in some cases, but often they may set in together. It happens gradually and may take some time to realise but when you do, act on it before it gets worse.

The Services Required 

Maintenance of your aircon is, therefore, a very critical for the sake of continued comfort in your home or office. The maintenance includes a range of service, some of which you do on your own while others need a professional.

After a few weeks, you can check your unit and do some basic things for instance

- Cleaning of the outer covering of the unit 
- Cleaning of the filters of the aircon 

The other services will need a professional technician to give your unit a check up and fix whatever issues that may be developing. The services include;

- Cleaning of the unit 
- Cleaning of the air filters 
- Water tray and fan coil cleaning 
- Drainage pipe cleaning 
- Checking the compressor and the aircon air circulation function 
- Replenishment of the refrigerant gas and checking for any leakages 

Together with several other services that are covered under the servicing fee, this services will ensure you are good to go. The technician may also deal with any problems that you may have noticed with the unit for example

- Leakage of water 
- Production of unusual noises 
- Decreased efficiency, for instance, taking a long time to cool the air 

As stated earlier, they will be covered under the servicing fee, but the technician will inform you in the case of charges for additional repairs.

Getting a Good Aircon Servicing Company 

With many people offering air conditioners servicing in Singapore, it may be hard to choose who exactly will best service your unit. Here are the qualities to look out for before you select the company:

1.Reputation- Companies that deliver results and have a reputation will often be a perfect choice and therefore look out for references

2.Customer service- The company needs to be one that responds to your needs through customer care when you need them for instance through calls when your aircon starts acting up

3.Affordability- They should be able to match their prices with the quality of work and so avoid too expensive or too cheap services

4.Method of servicing- Find out if they use chemicals or not and how they handle everything from the refrigerant gas to parts of your unit so that both the unit and you are safe

5.Warranty- It may be good to find someone who offers warranty for some period after servicing so that they sort any issue that comes up

6.Training- The technicians need to be well trained and qualified to handle your unit
After settling on the right company, you can opt for yearly contracts that allow your aircon to get serviced regularly without having to book an appointment. The company will be able to deal with any problems you face with your unit as agreed upon in the contract.


Getting to enjoy clean, cool air in your room constantly needs regular aircon servicing. Several signs may give you a hint that the unit needs servicing and it’s time to hunt for the right company that will deliver results. The wide range of services offered does cover every aspect of your unit to ensure it even outlives its lifespan that is often five years with most units. Take action today and ensure your aircon serves you best throughout the year.