Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips on How to Install Aircon in New BTO

An Aircon system can be a great appliance if installed properly to your BTo. Most people in Singapore are familiar with its functionality since many homes have this appliance. Modern Aircon systems offer a high degree of energy efficiency. Anyway, the fact is that it must be installed correctly to get the most out of the device. Without a doubt, you should work with a professional to install this system. However, this can help if you know the process. Do the right job, and you can add years of life to a new Aircon system. Clean the installation, and you will get reduced energy efficiency, inefficient cooling or home heating, and an unhappy family.

Tips on how to install aircon in new BTO

A poorly repaired system not only offers real benefits but can also damage the system. If you are qualified to install your Aircon system, here are some tips you can consider to ensure that the whole process is smooth and that you enjoy the benefits of a precisely installed Aircon system. Here are some tips for installing an air conditioner in the new BTO that you should know about.

Focus on the duct network

One of the primary sources of inefficiency in an Aircon system is the ductwork. As a result, it is essential that you pay proper attention to the ducts. Remember that you must also use air conditioning support systems to ensure that the pipes are not affected by pressure or heat. Support systems will also facilitate the long-term administration of the conduits. After all, tubes allow air to circulate easily. In addition to the pipes, you should also consider the vents. In the case of wall or ceiling vents, you must ensure that they are located in the appropriate places. In the case of floor vents, make sure objects such as furniture do not block them.

Position the fan coil unit correctly

The fan coil unit is one of the main considerations when installing an Aircon system. It must be placed in the right place to simplify the installation of conduits and wiring. In general, the attic or roof is preferred for installation of the unit. The basement is another suitable option. A support system for the fan coil must also be installed.

It can be a simple platform. However, it must match the dimensions of the fan coil unit. If you plan to hang the fan coil, you should pay attention to the threaded rods used. You should always opt for 1/4 inch threaded rods. Also, make sure that the threaded road never connects directly to the aircon fan coil. It’s not necessary to connect the unit to your platform. The Aircon’s weight is enough to keep it in position. However, you must make sure there is enough space for the service.

Connect the plenum ring

The dispensing chamber ring should be located a few centimeters below the bottom of the unit. Keep this in mind when making connections. Therefore, you may need to move the AC unit first to join the camera ring. Make sure the plenum ring gasket is attached to the unit cabinet before placing the dispensing chamber ring.

Condensate drain and coolant lines

After the ring of the distribution chamber has been connected, it can pass to the condensate drain. It can be easily attached by following the instructions provided with it. However, you must know the local building codes before doing so. After that, you can work to join the refrigerant lines. It will join the outdoor AC unit to the fan coil unit indoors. The manufacturer's instructions for installation must be followed.

There are other components that you need to install; Conduit plenum, feed tube, feed tube, acoustic attenuation tube and Terminator outlets. Installing these components can be a relatively complex procedure. Professional help is recommended to install them. However, you must ensure that proper support systems are used for the pipe and other similar components.

Do not install the units used.

Not all, but many real estate investors are known to install used units. The apparent reason behind this is that these units have a relatively lower cost compared to the new aircon units. However, the problems that are later caused by these units are so much that you end up paying more than you could have saved by buying used units. This is not even worth thinking about since the consequences are bad.

Repair units of adequate size

If you are faced with a dilemma when deciding on the size of the unit to install, you need to go for the more extensive Aircon system instead of opting for a smaller one. A small aircon system will cause more headaches. You will not want the unit to lose its ability to cool the home or office building below a temperature that is not relaxing enough.

Ensure good insulation

Even if your contractor is using a new unit and installing an appropriately sized system in your home or workplace, you may encounter problems such as minor cooling until your property is isolated. When mounted with precision, insulation allows your unit to reach the desired temperature and, ultimately, helps you save on your electricity bills.

Do not neglect maintenance.

Your work does not end once you have selected and installed a correct HVAC in Palm Springs. Be sure to perform regular inspections and maintenance. Change your air filters every month as dirty filters limit the operation of the system and increase energy costs. Not only that, but dirty filters are also responsible for damaging your system. On the contrary, routine care improves the efficiency of the system, making it more sustainable.


Do not neglect the importance of the support system in the installation of an Aircon system. If the support system fails, it can damage your unit and lead to costly repairs and replacements. Always obtain the components of your support system from a reputable manufacturer. You can also read some information online on how to install aircon in new BTO.